why is my whiskey sauce grainy?

bbstxOctober 4, 2009

I have made the following whiskey sauce to go with bread pudding for years. It is a recipe from a friend's mom who is an excellent cook. Everytime I make the sauce it is grainy. I have never been able to get the sugar to dissolve completely in the butter...and I've worked at it. I've done everything I know how to do to prevent it, but nothing has worked. When I compare it with online recipes, they usually have cream in them. Is that is what it wrong with this one?

½ cup butter

1 cup sugar

1 egg, beaten

Whiskey to taste (appx. 1 ounce)

Put butter and sugar in top of double boiler. Cook until very hot and sugar is completely dissolved. Add beaten egg. Whip very fast to prevent curdling. (Note: you can beat egg in blender and add hot butter sauce to egg. Blend.) Let cool and add whiskey to taste.

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This should be a pretty easy fix. For some reason apparently you're not getting the butter and sugar mixture hot enough to melt the sugar. You could go about it several ways but the easiest would be to cook the butter and sugar directly over the heat until the sugar melts. There is no reason that part needs to be done in the double boiler. Then you have several choices. You need to cool it down a bit so you can add the egg. I'd suggest just leaving the pot off the heat for a few, put it back on the double boiler and go from there. Easier even, you could just temper the eggs with some of the hot liquid, adding a spoon at a time to the eggs until they become warm [add about a quarter of the mix to be safe], then add back to the rest of the mixture, stir well and you're done.

If you want to keep more to the original recipe I'd say you should probably melt the butter first, making sure the heat is up a bit so the butter is quite hot, then add the sugar and see if you can dissolve it then. I suspect you're just keeping the heat too low.

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coco, I could have sworn that is exactly what I did last time. That stuff was bubbling, and I stirred and stirred to keep it from scorching*. But last time, I had a glass top electric cooktop. This time, I have a gas range. i may give it another shot.

*As I wrote that I had to wonder, is it the stirring that is causing the graininess? I know it will cause graininess if you stir fudge while it is bubbling. hmmmm....

The flavor of the sauce is delicious. It is just the texture that I'm struggling with.

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