Tarte Tatin Aux Bananapple

dcarch7October 12, 2012

Fruit tarts and pies tend to be too watery for me. I don�t prefer starch added recipes. Looking at many pictures, the dough or puff pastry under the fruit tends to be soggy or uncooked.

I am sure there are recipes which are much better, but I am just too lazy to look them up. I just make things up as I go.

Apples are expensive this year because of bad weather but the markets always have bruised ones at a great discount, $0.20 a lb.

I decided to make an apple "something".

After I peeled and sliced the apples, I arranged them on a non-stick 10" frying pan. Added a little cinnamon, nothing else. I removed the pan's handle and put the pan in the convection toaster at 350F.

After a while, the apple slices were cooked. They were soft and nice, and not too wet from the convection, but the top was too dry.

I also had bought a few lbs of discount bananas (Shoprite $0.29 a lb because the skin had spots). I took two bananas and about 1/2 cup of leftover vanilla yogurt and blended them into a cream.

I poured the cream on top and baked again.

After the cream was half dried out in the toaster, I layered crescent dough (from a tube) on top and baked again at 350F. I like crescent dough better than pie dough or puff pastry for this kind of baking.

After the crescent dough was done, I just turned the whole thing over and sprinkled powdered coconut on top. As you can see, the dough was baked perfectly, not soggy at all.

I made another one because the first one was gone immediately.


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Well, dcarch, normally I enjoy your presentations even if they don't look like WFD, to me. But this time, I dunno know - this one isn't your best, IMO.

It looks dry like the Sahara. I read that you don't enjoy "watery" pies and/or tarts but it's that lusciousness part that I really like. Could be 'cause I've got Sjogren's but gosh that crust looks more like a doggie biscuit. I'd rather have had the apple as a snack, turned the over ripe banana into 'nana bread, and let you keep the canned crescent rolls and dry coconut. The cream and yogurt I'd have used in a batch of muffins, maybe apple muffins for my snack? :)

Sorry to give such negative feedback. Guess I just prefer moist eats rather than the drier crunchy stuff.


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Two thoughts I have about your comment. Tricia:

1. You have demonstrated that it is possible to give negative opinions without being nasty. For some, that is a new concept.
2. You have paid me the highest form of compliment: you assumed that I can accept negative comments without getting all worked up. I appreciated that very much.

I have said it before, no matter how good you are, there are no ideas which will be pleasing to all. I am not here for the praises, although I do enjoy them, I post on other forums where I get enough of them. Learning and sharing is very important to me. I have learned a lot from negative comments.

Most of the time when I make something, I have the bad habit of experimenting with an idea/ideas/new ingredient/strange food.

Regarding this particular creation, as I said, it is to play with ideas to minimize tart's/pie's watery filling and uncooked dough problems.

The other idea is to see what if I don't use sugar and butter for the apple filling, and no powdered sugar for the topping, will it taste bad?

The use of crescent pastry is also because crescent dough has significantly less Fat/lard.

IMHO, the tart tasted very good. Will I make it for guests? No. I will add one cups of butter and one cup of sugar. That's what people expect.

Thank you Tricia.


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Yes, dcarch, that's what I'd expect (and probably enjoy too!). I don't really care for the canned crescent roll dough, although my girls love it when I use it for veggie pizza, and it seems rather "substantial" for a crust.

That's not where you lost me, though. It was the bananas. I HATE bananas, and I'd never think of putting them with apples.


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