you won't believe how simple -- and gorgeous!

chery2March 23, 2006

I've kept all my MARTHA STEWART LIVING magazines and couldn't believe I missed this idea from a couple of years ago. Sorry I don't have a picture; you'll have to trust me. DD and I were so delighted with the results, we're going to hang them for other DD and 3-yr-old's Diamond-Girls' birthday party:


6 PAPER BAGS [lunch bags b/c they have to be "gusseted"]


double sided tape



Fold bottom of bag onto itself and cut off.

Punch a hole 1/4" from bottom in middle.

Cut bag into petal shape. [I folded bag length-wise and cut starting about 4" from bottom , ending at top of fold. Martha didn't give measurements, maybe b/c you can use any size bag. I've even taken to making my own bags; the gusseting isn't easy -- for me, anyway.]

**PROBLEM: Bag must be same color inside and out to get the right effect. I'm going to the Card Factory Outlet today and look for bags or at least scrapbook pages double-sided. So far, I've been painting [spray] brown bags. The gold and silver metallic are stunning.

NEXT STEP: Put a [peeled] strip of double-sided tape about 2" long on left and right side of bag as you face it. [Again, no measurements given, but I'd say 1/2" from sides, starting maybe 2" from bottom.]

Repeat steps with remaining 5 bags, putting one bag on top of another.

Put string through all 6 holes; knot loosely to keep string outside first bag.

Now, pull the first and last bags AROUND to meet. Glue or tape them together. Secure string. Hang.

My girls say, "Even the brown ones are pretty!"

Good luck!


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I think I've seen these. What issue did you find them in?

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I am so glad you posted these directions. We are decorating at work and I was telling the girls about these same flowers and trying to remember how to make them. Thank You-you don't know what a lifesaver you are.

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So glad you could use the idea, Roobee! Whodathunk brown paper bags could be transformed into something so pretty?!Tried it w/ tissue paper; didn't work. I wished several times that wrapping paper came double-sided. Factory Card Outlet didn't have such a thing. Made six in all, one with Strawberry Shortcake [Granddaughter calls her Strawberry Suitcase] cut from wrapping paper GLUED onto white parchment paper.
You wouldn't have an idea for how to hang them, would you?
Issue of MSL is March 2004.

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Chery2 - Is this the craft you are talking about? I was having so much difficulty trying to imagine the end result I did a search. Hope this is the one!

Here is a link that might be useful: Its in the Bag: Ingenious Party Decorations

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That's it! Thanks for finding the picture. I didn't try the basket bouquets. My daffodils bloomed too soon and didn't last long. I'd like to hang the blooming bags at varying lengths but don't have a clue as to how to attach them to the ceiling.

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Thanks Red. I hadn't seen that flower from a bag before.

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