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blackeyedsuzanMarch 24, 2007

Hi I am new here I was wondering if anyone could help me. I would like to make paper with seeds in it, but I would like it to be Royal Blue. I have tried a few things but the paper turns out light blue - does anyone have any suggestions. Thank you


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Hi, thought since no one has answered your post I would try, have you tried acrylic paints, dark blue and add black till its pretty dark since it will dry lighter, maybe food coloring, cant find my box to see what colors to mix, rit frabic dye , or maybe paint the paper while still wet with water colors if the paper is still wet the color should blend, Iam only guessing you might have already tried these, you might post on the craft form I am sure you would get some ideas there.

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Thank you for sharing:)

Here is a link that might be useful: Wall Art

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The simplest way to get that color is to start with that color paper, that is if you're recycling paper. I second the Rit dye...you can just mix the liquid into the pulp. Don't try adding paint because it could compromise the strength of the paper. You will need to dry the paper pretty quickly or the seeds start sprouting...not what you want, I would guess. I've been making paper for quite a while and have already made all the mistakes! ;-)

Best of luck!

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