Paper sewing kits

minnie_txFebruary 18, 2003

This is a little sewing kit I got at a thrift store and it's contents. I bought it really for the pattern. I thought it was very clever and something that could be made using rubber stamps etc.

Folded it is 4"X3 1/4" from longest point to point is 12"

What do you think?

The third photo is of the thread that we used to find in these kits where you'd pull the stand that you are trying to match to the mending job and the other colors stay intact. Remember that stuff?

I also got a huge spool of that thread and was wondering if some of you might like to have some and try to make up a couple of sewing kits. I think about 12" of the thread folded fits in nicely and a little plastic zip bag with a needle, safety pin, spare button would be just enough.

Notice on the unfolded photo that there is a half round tab on the short side, it fits into a cut curve on the other side. You'd place little bag and thread on it and fold that side up and close with the tab. On the "wings" that fold there is also a tab which fits into the design on the other wing to hold it all snug.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Here is the other view

Here is a link that might be useful:

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This is a photo of the thread

Here is a link that might be useful: Sewing thread

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That is so cute! I love the little scene on it!

Do you mean that piece that's woven is what you use to stitch with? It comes on a spool that way? I thought the little pieces wound around a card were for stitching...

Thanks for the pattern; I think little sewing kits would make great inexpensive Christmas gifts!

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The little pieces wound around the card were in the little kit when I bought it.
At the thrift store I saw this big spool about 9 inches high that had all that sewing thread wrapped around it. In the sewing kits we used to buy years ago there would always be a length of it so you could pull out the thread that matched whatever you needed to mend. I can send a yard or so if you want some. Just email me.

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FlamingO in AR

What a cute kit. I remember that woven thread. We used to buy it at the fabric shops, pre-cut into about 12" lengths. One piece would last a lifetime in a sewing kit.

Thanks Minnie. What a great idea. One of those in your guest room and another in a suitcase, little gifts for friends who travel.... I like it!

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If anyone wants any thread just email me at my Minnie address

I check this address once a day.

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