Nice card stock

minnie_txFebruary 28, 2003

I got a nice package of cardstock at Walmart today 50 sheets (5 colors) for 3.97 in pastels

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Speaking of cardstock.......I read a glowing review of "Stampin Up's Ultrasmooth white and vanilla."

Have you guys ever used that?

Big stamp show here next weekend.......may look for it there.
See ya there.....

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I haven't heard of it. I really miss my Stampin' Up classes. I'll have to ask my teacher (ex) about it next time I email her. Where is the big stamp show?? The
Dallas area??
I don't know if they can sell at shows. But try to find it anyway.

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The "Heirloom" stamp show will be in Duluth, GA, just outside Atlanta.

Come go with me........

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Stampin' Up's cardstock is great. I don't sell it, just buy it myself. :) (In case you're wondering.)

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I want to go to the Duluth show! If my vehicle were more reliable I would just take off. Would be about a 3 hour drive for me. I heard the upcoming convention in Winston-Salem (2 hrs) is more geared to scrapbooking.

About the Stampin' Up cardstock --I think that's the one I read about recently where someone said Walmart's coated cardstock is just as good and cheaper. Not sure if that comes in colors, though...

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Lia......if you are only three can hitchhike.......stay on I-20 and I'll meet you at the interstate.

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I love Stampin' Up's cardstock! Honestly, though, for white I use the stuff that comes about 250 sheets for $5.00 in the office supply aisle. For colors, I am currently trying to make the switch to only using Stampin' UP. That means that my Brownie troop is going to have to do a lot of stampin to help me get rid of all of the Wal-Mart stuff! LOL! The only drawback I have found with it is that it will not go through the copier I have access to because it is too thick. Drat!

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