Crystal Lacquer Ideas by Barbie Boop

taunia1February 21, 2003

Crystal Lacquer Ideas by Barbie Boop

Subject: Crystal Laquer/Dimension

Crystal Laquer/Dimension

Here are some ways to use it:

1- Flower petals or middles add some FF (fun flock) over the middle!

2- Butterfly wings

3- Raindrops

4- Balloons,

5- Glasses,

6- Windows,

7- Eyes,

8- Buttons,

9- Jewelry, (diamonds, watches)

10- Water,

11- Shoes, (add red glitter!)

12- Dog or cat noses (makes them look wet!)

13- Snowflakes! And then add glitter!

14- Honey pot and honey!

15- Chocolate candy image!

16- Christmas tree lights!

17- Milk!

18- Over a fish tank! Faux word/phrase embossing just

19- As a glue for glitter

20- To make waxy/shiny looking fruit!

21- Ornaments on a Christmas card!

22- Over a heart (for a candied look!)

23- Apple or other seeds

24- Pearl Ex dry brushed on top of CL is pretty!

25- Mix or swirl some PP in the CL

26- Fairy wings! Dust

27- Water or puddles!

28- Adhesive for clear beedz

29- On images and borders of photo frames/mats

30- Use it to Color in images with it (there are different colors! )

31- Making a vase, mug, picture look glassy !

32- Along the top of fruit to look like it is wet from being rinsed!

Or dew

33- Cover an entire colored image with CL then cover with clear beedz!

34- Use different colors to color an image in! (Painting with CL)

35- CL can be used to seal and adhere pressed flowers on a card

36- Use a few layers of CL for a great 3 D look

37- Add some glitter on top of the CL- Clear or iridescent is really


38- Out line your images

39- Cover Glass containers with CL, that have been stamped on a card

40- Cover your entire card by using a brayer and rolling the CL over top.

41- Stipple brush it on top of your card/stamped images for a neat look

42- Stamp bubbles for a water/fish scene and cover the bubbles with CL

43- Use bubble wrap to apply the CL to your card front!

44- Use it to make a tile out of a stamped image (s) on card stock or mat


45- Cover your punched images with CL to make them 3D

46- To make a 3D look apply some CL on some card stock. Let it dry.

Repeat in between layers add a tissue stamped image! (perm ink) try more

stamped images in other layers! Looks neat

47- Use your circle punches and make buttons! Punch a small circle use

your mini 1/16 punch and punch 2-4 holes then cover with CL! Use as an

embellishment on a card!

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ANOTHER LIST!!!!Hooray!!

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