Sponging Tips:

taunia1February 10, 2003

Sponging tips:

Here are a few ideas to try... try them all and see what you like best..

I do different ones for different looks:

Ink a sponge and....

1- "dab- off" some ink. then "dab" the sponge onto your card or image.

2- starting from the outer edge of the image... dab dab dab all the way

in toward the middle of the image... get more ink and start again from

another side... and another and another... this looks really neat...

because you will have real dark outer edges and it will get lighter

towards the middle of the image.

3- pull the sponge from the sides in toward the center of the card or

image. this looks neat! -you can make cool grass and skies if you use

green for grass and pull the ink across the card from the bottom of the

card toward the middle. then, the sky... with blue ink... pull from the

top of the card down toward the middle.

4- another thing you can do is make cook back grounds by "swirling" the

sponge in a circular motion. you ink it up... lay it on the card.. then

turn it to the left like you are turning a knob... then turn it to the

right. neat look!

5- blending colors together is so easy with sponges. you can pull the

colors over one another or just dab them over each other!

6- you can use the sponges as they are or cut them into different sizes

and or shapes for different effects!

7- try using different types of sponges. they all look different. you

will find the ones that you like best.. the others... they can be sent to

someone else or... just use them to clean your bath wtih! lol....

8-sponges are great to color images in with! you can dab a brown bear!

you can dab color in the clothing... just make sure if you want to

dab-color one part of a stamped image at a time you mask the other part

of the image!

9- you can sponge boarders! Dab or pull the ink on!

10- you can sponge a whole scene or just around an image to highlight it!

Compiled by Barbie Boop.

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I love Barbie Boops things but where is Barbie Boop??

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Minnie, email me direct. I will explain.

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