Help with bathroom paint colors and making a decision please!!

cheryl58February 21, 2011

Hi all,

Please help me make a decision for my upstairs bath. The only things I have to work around are my floor (which is a taupey-color with a little bit of beige, brown, and light gray or white swirled through it). My tub and tiles are white with the typical silver sliding door with frosted glass. My sink, countertrop and toilet are all white also. The room has a very narrow window that lets in a very small amount of light in the morning only (east-facing). Here is my dilemma.

My vanity is painted white (many times it seems). It is a double vanity but with only one sink. It is ugly but must stay according to husband. I would like to paint it something (espresso, olive, or a dark french gray).

I am so torn on wall colors which would then dictate paint color of ugly vanity.

I found a picture on this forum under bathrooms and I am thinking that is what I would like to shoot for as far as color schemes. I attached a link and it is about 1/4 of the way down the topic. Can anyone tell me the colors in this photo? OR if you have any favorite colors or suggestions I would deeply appreciate it. My husband is ready to kill me and I can't make a decision to save my life here.

Here is a link that might be useful: possible inspiration?

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After looking at this picture and researching, does anybody think this color is BM Quiet Moments or is a lighter color than that? The picture when I found it was labed "green and brown bathroom". I would not be opposed to painting my vanity an espresso color or something similar to the color in the pic in order to achieve this look. Thanks again for any and all help...I am in desperate need!

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