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taunia1February 12, 2003

My DH suprised me last evening; we went into a computer store to buy this simple computer; (mine crashed for good yesterday), I was looking at one that was very inexpensive. I told him that it would do. We went to the counter to talk to the clerk to pay & low & behold, he tells the clerk he's buying the one like the one on the show floor up front. I asked him if he lost his mind? He says "no, you need a real good computer so you can get going with your card business & your other crafts"! He told me he really believed in my talent & said he had faith in me. I couldn't believe; this thing does everything but fold your clothes! It has 512 megs of ram? (I guess that's what it's called). I can't believe the difference. I am still a novice at this stuff. Anyway, I just wanted to share this with my friends. I can't believe it! I can actually download stuff without it freezing up on me! LOL! And yes, Karen, I finally got a monitor with sound!!! It's a flat screen. My son & I watched a movie on here today. (DVD). It took me forever to figure out how to play it. LOL!!! I've never seen a DVD movie before. Oh, ya'll quit laughing!!! I guess I just wanted to say that if you believe in yourself long enough & your God-given talents, then great things WILL happen! Thanks for letting me share this post, & know that I will do my best to post great things & help people like ya'll have helped me! Love, Taunia.

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Congratulation, Taunia! Wow, a flat screen monitor, too? I still have the old "incredible hulk" here at home. It only has 127 ram and a 20 gig hard drive, (which is the minimum for being able to do desktop publishing) and I have no speakers hooked up either!
You should be able to work very nicely on that machine...what a great present from your DH!
Don't feel bad about the DVD, Taunia...I just noticed DH has one downstairs in his "lair" and I never noticed what it was, LOL! I have yet to try it out either.
You are a blessing to us...I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing your links. Now it's time to see some new creations!


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Wow, Taunia, you brought tears to my eyes! What a hubby! What a Valentine's gift!
I don't know what that ram stuff is, but I hope it means you can save lotsa graphics. LOL!
Enjoy your toy, I mean tool; you deserve it!

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Congratulations!! I've never seen a DVD either. Pretty soon you'll be making your own DVD. Give DH hugs from us all
I love that commercial where the gal says "I love this man I love him I love him"

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What a great gift.......mine is new too...you will love the flat screen and the quick response. Makes surfing and listing stuff much quicker.......saves time on the PC......hahahah LOLOLOLOL
Really nice of your DH.

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Hi Taunia,
Congrats - hope you enjoy every minute
with the new computer...
Happy Valentine's Day!


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Thanks guys for letting me share all that. I knew ya'll would understand. I am very blessed to have a great hubby like that. Our anniversary is next mo. Wow, I guess I'll have to make him a spectacular card huh? LOL!

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Congratulations, Taunia! And good luck with your business. Your posts here have sure been helpful, I'm printing out your idea sheets and adding them to my crafting journal for future reference. Lorraine

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What a wonderful surprise for a wonderful sharing person. I am so pleased for you. Read my response over in craft forum about your lighthouse and you will understand why my new tower is sitting out in the hall, waiting to be hooked up. Blessing to you.

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Psst...Taunia, do ya think a really great card is enough? LOL!! I think it's grand that he not only admires your work but tells you too! That probably would have been enough but the super whamadine computer sure is a bonus. I think you have a real catch of a hubby.

BTW...your talent does deserve good tools. Keep up the good work.

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Thank you Meggiecat. He is a sweetie. I know alot of women think I'm crazy for not wanting jewelry and stuff. I happen to like 'puters & power tools. LOL.

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