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kathecFebruary 3, 2011

I have an 80's oak table purchased from CL. The finish was wearing on the table top when I bought it. I've had it over a year and it's really looking bad. When I bought it, I had initially planned to paint. DH wants it to stay a wood tone since our kitchen cabs will all be painted. I'm totally ok with this. I don't kid myself in thinking I'll get a perfect finish, in fact, the more beat up and distressed it looks the better. I just need a better, wipable table top surface. I've got the basics down, strip, clean well, sand, stain. I'm wondering about the poly. Once I've completed the number of coats per the directions, how long should I let this cure before putting it back into use? I realize I could just read the labels, so please don't post that. I haven't purchased supplies yet. I'm just trying to gauge how long I should plan for it to be out of commission and whether I should bring in a temp table which I'd have to take down from the attic (I hope not!).


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If you decide to be fussier, sand lightly between coats of Poly, starting with ~ 150-grit after 1st coat.
This practice also helps each coat "grip" the other better.
Just b4 last coat, do a light/even scuff with 320-grit.

Curing b4 use...give it a couple days to firm up. If heavy objects will go on it, wait a week!!

Are you using Oil or Water-based Poly?
>>> If water-poly, I'd do 6 coats. They go on thinner/dry thinner than Oil coats do.


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Sounds good. Thanks for the advice!!


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