Stamped Dominos

rosie_gaFebruary 22, 2003

Check out my post in the gallery......been playing again.

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love the elephant one

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Those are just great. Loved them all, great add-ons.

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They're beautimous! Are these with the polished stone technique? or what did you do to paint the background? And the one with the fan --is that a little charm that actually opens? It's adorable!

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Thanks folks.......make me feel good. Yes that's the polished stone technique. I'm going to do a "show and tell" at our next rubber stamping group get-together. It's quite easy and very effective. Really pretty on glossy CS. I can't remember where I got the little fan. It's been in my "jewerly stuff" drawer for years. Just thought I'd stick it on. It did open before I glued it on. LOL

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very pretty!!!! no, I like "beautimous" better, lol! Do you prime first or just rough them up with sandpaper? I have to get playing with those triominoes...they look so cool!

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I put the triominos or dominos in a flat pyrex glass dish and set it on the backporch. Pour straight clorox in the dish and just cover the dominos, etc. By the next morning the shiny finish is gone and they have enough "tooth" to hold ink, etc. Some sand them......some put a coat of gesso......pooh!!!......too much work. The bleach works great.

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just posted some more items on my picturtrail page.

will link below.


Here is a link that might be useful: picturetrail albums

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