Journaling part 2

taunia1February 8, 2003

JOURNAL IDEAS: what to write about:

Choose a topic/question each day or week and start writing!


1- What was your favorite childhood story? Why did you like it?

2- What was your favorite childhood game?

3- What was your favorite school subject? Why?

4- Talk about a happy school experience

5- What did you do for fun that kids don t do today?

6- Tell about a non-family person you admired when you were growing

up? Why?

7- Talk about a childhood swimming experience.

8- Describe your childhood in 3 words

9- What was the most embarrassing experience?

10- What was your favorite dinner?

11- What did you eat when you were a child that you don t eat today?

12- What was your favorite dessert?

13- Where did you go for dates?

14- What was your favorite movie?

15- Share a childhood experience with death

16- What was your favorite outfit?

17- What was your favorite smell to smell?

18- What subject did you learn that they don t teach today?

19- Tell about prices of food. Then and now.

20- Share a childhood memory about bedtime that makes you feel warm

21- Where did you go to school?

22- Where did you live?

23- What did you like most about the place that you lived?

24- Where did you like to hide?

25- What did you like to play?

26- Who did you play with?

27- What was your favorite toy?


28- What is your favorite church memory? Why?

29- Who was your favorite teacher and why?

30- Who do you admire at church? And why?

31- Tell about something funny that happened at church

32- The best part of going to church is

33- What is your favorite scripture? Why?

34- What is your favorite hymn? Why?

35- What is your purpose in life?

36- Talk about the importance of religious faith in your life

37- When I walk into the church building I feel

38- The thing that I love most about the church building is


39- Say something about illness and how it has affected your life in a

good way.

40- Share a family ritual that has special meaning to you.

41- Share a family tradition that has special meaning to you

42- Share a new family tradition that you have started recently

43- Share a family tradition that you would like to start.

44- Complete: 5 things I like about myself

45- Name 3 things that you don t think your family knows about you.

46- Name 3 things that you would like your family to know about you

47- Who do you admire in your family? And why?

48- How do you think your mother/father would describe you?

49- How do you think your brother/sister would describe you?

50- How do you think your grandmother/father would describe you?

51- How do you think your children would describe you?

52- Share a compliment that a family member has given you

53- Name one person you feel close to in your family. Why?

54- What do you like best about one person you live with?

55- If you could have a committee of 3 people (living or dead) to help

you make decisions, whom would you choose?


56- Tell about a depressing time in your life. How did you get through


57- Tell about a wonderful time in your life

58- Complete: I hope

59- Share your feelings about financial security

60- What kind of emergency scares you the most?

61- Complete: the happiest time for me is when

62- Tell about a recent news story that has captured your interest

63- Tell about a time when you needed help and someone helped you! How

did you feel?

64- Tell about a time when you helped someone. How did you feel?

65- Tell about a time when you secretly helped someone. How did you


66- What would be the most difficult news for you to accept about

someone in your family?

67- How do you feel about sharing personal problems?

68- Say something about resentment.

69- If you could watch only one hour of TV this week, what would you


70- What seems to be the biggest problem in your life today? Name 3

things that you can do today to fix it?

71- How do you feel about donating parts of your body at the time of

your death?

72- How does TV advertising affect your buying habits?

73- Complete: I wish I had someone with whom I could share

74- Share something that no one knows about you

75- Which of your senses do you value most? Why?

76- Tell about a time when you felt awkward and someone helped you?

77- Say something about poverty

78- Talk about responsibility

79- Share your feelings about changing jobs

80- Talk about your eating habits. Choose one thing to change today.

81- Talk about newspapers and how they affect your life

82- What roles do love and affection play in your life?

83- Say something about apologizing.

84- Say something about alcoholic beverages.

85- Describe divorce in 3 words

86- Say something about gambling

87- Describe the car you would like to own

88- Tell about the last time you were late for something

89- How would you want to spend the last year of your life?

90- Say something about suicide.

91- How do you feel about guns?

92- Tell about a mistake you have made recently

93- What is the best thing in your life today?

94- Tell about the most significant person in your life

95- Describe something you like that you know someone else does not like

96- What are 3 things you would like to be doing in three years?

97- Talk about competition

98- How does music affect your life?

99- Say something about surprise parties

100- When I am in a large group I

101- Share a funny dream that you have had

102- What do you know now that you wish you would have

known when you were younger?

103- Tell about a time when you felt productive

104- What are your feelings about space travel?

105- What is your purpose in life?

106- Describe the funeral service you would like held

for you

107- When do you feel most confident?

108- When do you feel most peaceful:

109- Tell about a time when you felt successful

110- Tell about why you want to go on living.

111- What is one thing you could do to improve your


112- Tell about something that you have learned to do


113- Tell about something beautiful you saw this week.

114- What have you done in the past 3 months that makes

you feel proud?

115- Tell about an understanding person in your life

116- What would you like to achieve with your life?

117- Give 3 reasons why you like yourself.

118- Share a compliment you have received recently.

119- Tell about a book that you have read and why you

liked it.

120- Tell about a movie you have seen and why you liked


121- Describe the most pleasant job you have ever had

to do

122- Describe the most unpleasant job you have ever had

to do.

123- How do you act when you want to avoid something?

124- Say something about spontaneity

125- Say something about hitchhiking

126- Make a statement about honesty

127- What is your favorite sport? Why do you like it?

128- Complete this sentence: my favorite kind of music


129- Complete this sentence: my favorite time of day


130- If there were 6 more hours in a day, how would you

spend them?

131- Describe your favorite movie star

132- Which fairy tale character do you feel most like?


133- How do you decide between right and wrong?

134- Describe the greatest dessert in the world.

135- What color would you use to describe yourself?


136- Would you rather be a sunrise or a sunset? Why?

137- Would you rather be a sports car or a family car?


138- Would you rather be a lake or an ocean? Why?

139- Would you rather be a red light or a green light?

140- Describe the kind of house you would most like to


141- Talk about a time when you were locked out of the


142- Talk about a time when you were locked out of the


143- Tell about a time when you got lost

144- What musical instrument would you use to describe

your self? Why?

145- Talk about your favorite TV show

146- Tell about a secret desire that you have

147- Describe an ideal vacation

148- What you like to receive on your next birthday?

149- What was the best gift that you have ever


150- Tell about your favorite magazine and why you like


151- Tell about a time when you were teased and LIKED


152- Talk about bragging

153- How do you think your mother would describe you?

154- Talk about the last time you lost your temper and


155- Complete this sentence: I am the kind of person


156- Describe the pet you would most like to own



157- When I was pregnant I craved

158- When I was pregnant I thought about

159- When you were born

160- When you turn/turned 2

161- When you turn/turned 5

162- When you turn/turned 10

163- When you turn/turned 12

164- When you turn/turned 16

165- When you turn/turned 18

166- When you turn/turned 21

167- When you go/went to college

168- When you get/got your first job

169- When you get/got married

170- When you have/had a baby

171- Your favorite dinner is

172- The thing that you like to eat that surprises me


173- Your favorite dessert is

174- Your favorite movie is

175- Your favorite toy is

176- Your favorite outfit is

177- You go to school at

178- You live at

179- My favorite thing to do with you is

180- I remember something funny that you did

181- What I think about the guys/girls you are dating

182- How I feel about you

183- I am proud of you because .

184- One special thing I like to do with you is

185- We went here on vacation

186- Birthday parties were celebrated

187- Pets and names of pets that you have had

188- I remember when you got hurt and I .

189- I remember when you surprised me with...

Compiled by Barbie Boop

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