Boo Hoo :-( !

ArtsyCraftsyFebruary 11, 2003

I have been doing more lurking than anything lately. Work is a nightmare...been without a properly functioning PC for 2 weeks and the project pile is towering over me. To top it all off, they are tightening up the internet & security & now I can't log in to this site while at work! Oh well...I'm still reading and I have been doing come collage work you might want to look at. These are pages for an art journal round robin I'm in. It has been lots of fun and I love reading everybody's favorite quotes! I highly recommend using a favorite quotation if you ever get stuck for an idea!

Here is a link that might be useful: collages

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Nice to see you, Karen. You were missed! I, too have been "project jumping"; got more irons in the fire then I care to admit to. Your pages are inspirational! Your eye for space, form, and texture is admirable. I'm more of a copy cat! LOL My hope for the next few years is to develope the talent that I think we all have, but few of us realize.(or to have fun trying!)

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Wow.......what great work. Lots of great images and thought provoking ideas.......good job.

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They are stunning

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FlamingO in AR

Karen, if you get a chance, would you please send me an email, as I can't send you one....

Notice- 3 t's in the buttt part... :)

Sorry you're having PC probs.

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I wondered where you were, Karen!
I have several family members whose offices have shut down their internet use.

The collages are neat. Took me a while before I could see them; guess the shoe was on the other foot this time! :-D

I like the Helen Keller quote: "I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble."
And I'm with Gramof3 about talent!

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Outstanding work! You sure have been missed!

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Thanks everybody! I just love making collages on the computer. The cut paper ones are actually harder for me. My favorite sources are National Geographics and Smithsonian magazines. Last week the thrift store had all magazines for .05 and all books for .10...boy did I get some nice things for collages. Lia, I got a Milton's Paradise Lost so I can use that beautiful Eve to Adam passage in a collage. And I got some Reader's Digest condensed books to use the covers as canvases...what a tip!!

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I want to learn more about collages on the computer......guess I'll have to do some surfing and researching.

These were certainly stunning.........

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Just got back from a lengthy journey to your site, wow! I am so impressed with your work. I have always loved the "singing bird" saying and have used it on several things I have made. You have a rare talent.

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I'm sorry I missed your message! There's only one solution....quit that job ;-) (sorry, couldn't resist)

About the journal....are all those images your work? I recognized Touchstone right off as yours.

I haven't been able to be around much either but check in every once in awhile.

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Hey Kathy-
I have missed you, too! Does your nose itch? It should cause I think about you a lot!
If I won the lottery tomorrow I probably would quit my job. Work just interferes with the important stuff in life like creating ;-)!
Yes those are all my collages. When each journal arrives in the mail I try to use a different approach to the collage to enhance the other artists pages. I find it very easy to go to the digital solution but harder to riffle through magazines looking for images. It frustrates me if things are not the exact size I want or if they face the wrong way. Digitally you can flip and scale and alter so it fits just right!

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