Tapmaster during reno vs after

cathy725February 16, 2013

I would like a tapmaster. DH is not into "gadgets" and thinks it will be a hassle and trouble. (I need to convince him otherwise).

So my question is whether there's a big difference in installation during renovation vs after cabinets are installed. I looked at the installation instructions and it looks like if you do it during renovation you can run the plumbing under the cabinet and then have opening in back of cabinet to run up to the water connections (does that make sense)?

If you do it when cabinets are in place, where do you run the lines?

I hope there are people who have done both on this forum so i can decide if I need to fight the battle now or I can wait until later. (It might be easier to get it later due to $$$ already piling up with the current renovation).

Thanks for any insight!!!

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I never even considered the differences. I had a rough plumber do his work, then fired him. Then I bought a Tapmaster and had my cabs installed. I mentioned the Tapmaster to my cab maker at install and he drilled a little hole in the toe kick or somewhere thereabouts. After that, I hired a new plumber for the finish work and that was that. It's really very simple. It's not "gadgety" to me at all. Using it is simple and convenient. If you're handy at all, installing it after your kitchen is done when funds are a little more liquid should be easy to do.

I LOVE mine!

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Great-thanks Breezy! My DH is very handy so I know he could do the install, I just wasn't sure if there was a difference.

Now I just need to convince DH to get it in the first place. We can wait until after the reno and then maybe I'll ask for it as a Christmas present! :)

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Ask for your Xmas present now. I just think that if you *are* going to get it, might as well get it now and start enjoying it.

See, you'll need a hole in the toekick for the pedal mechanism and then a hole in the back of the cabinet for the cable that runs from the toekick to your water stubs. We installed our Tapmaster when we installed the sink cabinet because it was the easiest and cleanest if you do it then. We took the front panel of the toekick box off (well, actually, it came off after we drilled two holes at the two ends for the E-Z Levels), and it was so much easier to be able to thread the cable through the back hole with full access to the bottom. It also allowed us to vacuum the bottom before reattaching the front. Also, the back hole is almost the exact size as the cable, thus very small and discrete, because we didn't have to fish for it.

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