Need dove pattern for paper embroidery

ann_tx8February 20, 2008

A friend of mine is desperately searching for a paper embroidery pattern of a dove holding an olive branch in its beak. I saw a Christmas card like this which the "fortunate receiver" had professionally framed, and they do not want to take it out to see who made it. It is white thread on white paper, except for the olive branch, and can't be photographed.

I've looked at Amazon but the paper embroidery books do not show what is inside. I've suggested library plus craft stores and book stores to her, but apparently she's already done this route. She's been having to buy some patterns from Canada and Australia.

If anyone can tell me where she can find this pattern, we will both be very grateful.

Thanks so much.


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i have a dove stencil but no branch in its mouth!lori

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Thanks, Lori. My friend finally found the one she was looking for, a source in England.


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I'm glad she found it. I just saw this thread and have a brass stencil that is used for stitching as you described.

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