Do you read/subscribe to 'Somerset Studio'?

gumbycatFebruary 26, 2003

I picked up my first copy of "Somerset Studios" a couple weeks ago and liked the ideas and quality but haven't really made anything yet. Does anyone on the forum either read or subscribe to it? Have you ever made anything you saw there?

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I subscribe to it and have a good number of the back issues. Sometimes you can pick them up on ebay cheaper than ordering them. A good deal of the mag is mind boggling because there is soooooo much intense art. But pick it apart and you will find useful ingredients. I keep mine for reference and many nights pull one out just to cruise again. Always finding something I didn't see before.

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I subscribe to it and it is one of my favorite magazines, especially now with the new format and the getting away from all the earthy colors. I ordered all the back issues I could off their web site and checked at Ebay but the sold out issues were going for too much money.
I have used the ideas for inspiration and like to do their challenges for my own amusement. I submitted something once and they kept it for months saying they would use it, then they returned it without publishing it. Maybe next time!

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I, too, subscribe to Somerset Studio. I love playing with the altered bingo cards that are on page 6 of the Jan/Feb 2003 book. Made a cute gift for my Mom in Florida who is a bingo-hollic. Some of the stuff is too "yeah, right, like I'm ever going to make that" for me. Love to sit with it for hours & just enjoy the creativity; sometimes it even plants a seed. It is a bit pricey, but we deserve it!

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I used to but gave my issues away. It is too "far out " for me. I tend to the cutesy type. I kept some of the earlier issues.
I don't subscribe to any now. I look at them in the store and if there is something I really want to save I'll buy.

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I bought every issue (that I could afford it) there for a while, but there seems to be a lot of repetition of style and I get bored. I'll still pick one up occasionally if it seems to have a good project or interesting artist. I can go through my old ones and see something new every time I look. I like to use bits and pieces of different things for inspiration. I think it's nice that they have pretty detailed instructions for submissions.

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