Water proofing ink

sheri60February 8, 2005

I am making custom labels for the champagne bottles for my daughters wedding. Does anyone know what I can use to coat the labels so the ink doesn't run when the bottles are chilled and they sweat. Thank you for any help.

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There are many variables - type of printer ink, paper used, adhesive, etc., so take a look at the link below and see if it answers your question considering the materials you will be using. If not, come back and give us a few more particulars (printer ink, paper, etc.) and we'll try to help you more.

Glad to see you here at the Paper Arts Forum!!

Here is a link that might be useful: How to Make Your Own Wine Labels

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Thank you this is just what I was looking for.

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Wondering if this site will have an answer for me....More than a year ago I scanned and printed old hankerchiefs to cut out and use for border. I haven't yet used them because I am wonder what will happen to the ink when the paper becomes wet with wallpaper paste.
I used just regular copy paper.

This was an idea I got in a magazine but can't remember which one....They had a picture of it done on a wall and it was not messy looking. I just hate to go to all that work (even cutting them out, some are scalloped and take a lot of time to cut out)and have the ink smear.


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Patti -

If you printed with a regular inkjet printer, more than likely the ink will NOT be waterproof. Just try one... run some water on it and see what happens. If you still have the files of the hankerchief prints, you could put them on a CD and take them to a professional printshop. They'd be able to print them with a waterproof ink.

You could still use the prints you've made as a wallpaper border if you use a NON-water-based adhesive... for example, rubber cement, or spray-on adhesive. Again, just try one of your prints first. (You don't need to ruin one of the handkerchief prints... just print something else using the same printer and use that as your trial.)

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