copper tooling

Lia_SCFebruary 6, 2003

I mentioned in another thread that I went off on a tangent last p.m....

Have you ever seen the kids' book "If You Give a Mouse a Muffin"? It's kinda like that:

I scrubbed one of my copper bottom pots the other night; Then last night I cooked in it again. When I got ready to wash it again, I noticed all the cool colors. Hmmm.. I thought about that project on Carol Duvall by the Y.I.Stamp lady, where she colored the copper by heating...

Then I was rummaging around for a box lid to do the Art Dolls and found tooling copper that I *had* to have so long ago. So.... I cut a piece, stamped on it, and held it over a flame. I didn't bother looking up how it was done on Carol's show, so I just used a candle.

Whew! More than you wanted to know, huh? Anyway, I finished it as a card and finally got a could-be-better photo uploaded to the Gallery. (too much reflection in the pic)

If you'd like to see....

Here is a link that might be useful:

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It looks great. Thanks for sharing.

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It's just beautiful, Lia!

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Thanks, ladies!
BTW, I'm not reading that book --it was just a prop that was lying out because I tore the cover off. I read somewhere that old Readers Digest book covers make good little canvases and I have a bunch of them so I thought I'd try it. LOL!

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I like the copper but better yet the book covers as canvases!! Those things are a dime a dozen! Good tip.

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OK....let me get this, copper bottomed pan.....what's up with that? I guess the good news is the finished product looks good no matter what the process was to get there. LOL

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