Paper of Pins --a 'true love' memory :-D

Lia_SCFebruary 14, 2003

Thought I'd share this memory with y'all from lonnnnnng ago when I was in the first grade:

This boy named Phil liked me and one day in music class (I don't remember if it was Valentine's day or not...) Mr. Habovsky prompted us to request a song and dedicate it to someone. Phil stands up and says we should sing "Paper of Pins". When asked who it's for he named and pointed to ME! Aaaack! I wanted to crawl under my chair! So the whole class sang this song while I changed from one shade of red to another. LOL!

Does anyone else know this song? I think it's an Irish folk song and I've always wondered what a "paper of pins" IS! If it has to do with paper, I've gotta love it! LOL!

BTW, Phil continued to win my heart (once I forgave him for embarassing me!) by bringing me bits and pieces from his mom's and sisters' jewelry. Sadly, though, he flunked 2nd grade and, well... we couldn't be a couple in two different grades, for Pete's sake! LOL! I guess we got over each other and went on to find the TRUE loves of our lives.

H A P P Y * V A L E N T I N E S * D A Y!



Here is a link that might be useful: the Paper of Pins lyrics

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I vaguely remember Paper of pins but had no idea it was considered a "romantic" songl!!HAHA.
What a sweet memory.
I was going through some old high school photos and came across one where I was singing to this guy in a nightclub setting. In our school, besides our proms and club dances, we had two dances a year in the big gym. We picked a theme (I was chairman a couple of years) and decorated it to match the theme and kids sang etc like a nightclub. this year it was a Parisian theme aand I sang "Blue Moon" He was dressed like Frenchman with a beret and striped shirt.

A few days after I found that picture an envelope came in the mail with a computer copy of that very photo from the guy!! He also ran across it 50 years later.
How nice to be remembered.

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Minnie, how cool!! Let's see the picture!!! C'mon! pleeeeeease, please, please, please, please???

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What a scream! Thanks for sharing.

My mother still teases me about my second grade love! "Little thief" is how she refers to him! The best gift he gave and had to carry home for me was a huge rock of fool's gold. I didn't care much for him but I sure loved that rock. It glittered in the sun. I wonder if my attraction for glitter started then.

Happy V day to you too.

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As soon as I can dig it out again I'll post it I promise.

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The Valentines Day at school I remember the most was in Jr. High. We could buy carnations for a secret pal or secret Love & I found that everyone in the class was getting one from one person or another; I secretely sent one to myself because I didn't get one from anyone. No one ever found out, SO DON'T ANY OF YOU TELL, OK?

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Lia, back in the "olden days" sewing pins as well as needles were sold in rows pricked through a piece of paper, hence, "a paper of pins." If you go to the link below and scroll down to the topics Pins, you'll see a picture of a paper of pins to the right.

The Bus Stop Song (A Paper of Pins)
The Four Lads

I'll give to you a paper of pins
And that's the way our love begins
If you will marry me, me, me
If you will marry me

I'll give to you a feathery bed
With downy pillows for your head
If you will marry me, me, me
If you will marry me

But you don't want my paper of pins
And you don't want my feathery bed
You want my house and money instead
That is plain to see

Well here they are take everything
My house, my money, my wedding ring
And in the bargain I'll throw in me
If you will marry me

Here is a link that might be useful: Vintage Sewing Info

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Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! That kind of paper of pins!!! Would you believe I have one??? LOL! I bought it at Ben Franklin about 10 yrs ago because it had big, sturdy straight-pins.
I guess that kind of thing would have been a practical gift from someone with not much money in those days, huh? Thank you Red Confetti, for clearing that up for me!
I had seen those lyrics, too, but that wasn't the version we sang in school. The girls and boys sang back and forth.
Taunia: (((hugs)))
Meggiecat: LOL about loving that rock!
and Minnie: I'll be looking for that picture!

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Now I remember that song and the Four Lads singing it. Thanks for the posts. Brings back some nice memories.

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I do remember Paper of Pins and I will never forget Paper of Pins as it is my all time childhood favorite. I learned it first while in the third grade and then I learned to play it on piano and then I learned to play it on guitar.

The reason this became my most loved favorite is because when I was in the third grade I lived the first part of the year in Bartow, Florida and then moved to Keysville, Florida in the last part of that school year.

Kids are so cruel and none knowing that I was so very capable of stomping their butts for them and that because I did not have the greatest home life and that made me a very strong person capable of pulverizing the majority.

These kids at Pinecrest Elementary and from Keysville, Florida all picked on me just because I was the new kid and too back then redheads were not very common and I was the only redhead with freckles in all of my classes. These kids were extremely ugly to me and it makes me understand how today so many kids end up going to school and just blowing everyone away as I can see the cause of breaking points.

Anyhow, our music teacher, Mr. Littlechild, came to our class once a week and he some how knew I was the picked on kid and I most certainly was a loner as these hicks from the country were a clannish bunch of ignorant hicks and I was always a very intelligent child much faster thinking than the majority my age. I could name the majority of these little brats that so needed their parents to beat their behinds for them as I have never forgotten any of them and how they did in fact make a very strong negative impact on my life.

Everytime it was time to sing Paper of Pins, Mr. Littlechild would pull a desk up beside mine as I sat alone away from the entire class that always grouped together. He would take my hand and hold it gently with me as we sang. He was not being in any bad way and I could tell this. He was simply helping a less fortunate child to have something good in their life. I have never forgotten him and his compassionate heart along with this most beloved song, Paper of Pins. One man to reach out with gentle kindness towards me in a world where all was so dim.

I saw Mr. Littlechild some years ago walking down the streets of Plant City, Florida. I was passenger in the car I was in and I could not take my eyes off of him and I turned to watch him until he was out of sight and in my mind I was reliving the one act of kindess that made one day in my week seem not so hard to bare.
God Bless Mr. Littlechild, where ever he is today !

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