Basket Made of Greeting Cards

Red_ConfettiFebruary 3, 2003

This project may be a bit simplistic for most of you here at the Paper Arts forum, but for those of you who don't visit the Craft Exchange forum, here's a link to the instructions on how to made baskets from used greeting cards. Or try postcards instead! Links to pictures of finished basket and templates included.

Here is a link that might be useful: Christmas Card basket from used cards

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I totally have a thing for these baskets! Still kicking myself 5 years later for not buying one in a flea market...made with vintage cards, had another row of card pieces and had a hinged lid that matched the base. It was crocheted together instead of simple lacing.
Your instructions and photos are wonderful! I want to make these for holidays next year...what a great basket to put homemade gifts in!

thanks, Red!

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Karen - You might also like the directions linked below. This if for a small lidded octagonal box, made of fabric fused to cardboard. (But of course you could use greeting cards or wrapping paper instead of fabric.) It is crocheted together.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pretty Treasure Box

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