More snow!!!

joyce_6333February 20, 2014

I know this is OT, but is anyone else just truly sick of winter? We've had many days where the high has been near -20. When I was a kid (long time ago) winters like this were normal, but I'm old now and really am fed up this year. We are now under severe winter storm warning again today with another foot of snow expected. Don't know where we'll put much more. Enough already!

"Once again, the bluebird of happiness drops it onto our heads"

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We've had a lot of snow this year too - but I've taken advantage by going skiing. At least it's finally warming up - like you, we've had way too many days colder than -20ðF, and that got old in a hurry.

Tuesday it got up to 38ð, and I broke out my spring coat. Today it's cold again - back to my down ski jacket.

Funny thing is - when it's 95ð in August, we complain about that too! I look on the bright side - I haven't seen a mosquito for MONTHS!

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We've had snow, cold...and I've killed 2 mosquitos in the house this week! Go figure!

Maybe there will be less droughty conditions and really good fruit crops this year after this winter???

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78 here today. Sorry, couldn't resist.

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In the 30s here in DC. Tomorrow's supposed to be cold, dreary rain -- and I love rain.

Mosquitos don't bite me, actually, don't even land on me. I'll take the summer anytime, until it hits 85. Then I'm inside again. But I don't care, because I'm not cold!

I'm having a mouse infestation this year. My house is so open to ... nature ... that I'm not surprised. My electric bill is over the top, too, because of my dog door. If I close the door to her mudroom while she's in the house, she pees in the kitchen. Open, all the heat goes out the door.

In the meanwhile, I put on sweatshirts and put mouse poison down all the holes in the floor.

I'm looking forward to summer when all the snakes eat all the mice. Snakes are my friend. So is warm weather.

In the meanwhile? The last of my cookie dough.

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Bugs of all kinds LOVE me! I get bitten when no one else does. I just want the weather perfect all the time, with no bugs or "critters" of any kind.

Ah, snakes! Last year I had so many of them in my flower beds, I hated being outside. I can't help it, I just freak out when I see them. No mice though. Wish I liked cats.

CEFreeman: try a doggie door. I've used them on interior doors, and actually put them in the wall a few times. Sadly I don't have puppies anymore. Miss them. :-(

And it continues to snow.....

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I didn't know cookie dough keeps mosquitos away. I'll have to try that. They eat me alive.

We were having major problems with rats in getting into our chicken feed last year. I think we were feeding a rat metropolis. The local farm store worker recommended we use a biscuit style poison that has a hole in the middle. You can wire the biscuit down so that the mice have to chew it where it's located. He said that they'll stockpile the small pellets for later, but the ones that are tied up, they'll chew and eat right away since they can't take it with them. Worked great.

OK, that's really O.T. but it helped us so much, I thought I'd share.

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Yesss, more snow! Bring it on!

10 more inches deposited conveniently at our ski area overnight, with exactly zero inches in town. That's the kind of snow just about anyone can get along with.

This is the time of year when I get a little bit sad, realizing that winter won't last forever. I just love it: cold, wind, snow, stuff stinging you in the face. Love it all!

That said, I'm also totally in favor of cookie dough while taking a breather from the snow.

So you can all send your unwanted snow in our direction, please!

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If you can't beat 'em

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Porch time tonight in Central AL...70's still at 8 PM! Wonderful . Worked in the garden and had dinner on the porch...feels like Spring to me. We had a 5 " snow on Mar 1 2009...I sure hope that won't be the case this year ! Whatever..I am livin' for the moment. We have huge rains on the way...but I also cleaned the roof of leaves and the pool is not too bring it on. Hope everyone is safe and sound come 'morn. c

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Joyce, I have a doggie door. God forbid I just leave the door open! I have to leave the mudroom door open so my Morgan can get in and out of her Dog Door. Thanks, though. Thought of that 10 years ago.

The only thing I don't like about snakes is the startle factor. Other than that, they're fascinating. Did you know when a cat sees a snake move, the cat will jump UP and back, making a 90degree angle? I swear. I've seen it 100 times. That's how I know there's one in the house.

Cats don't always go after mice. I have five....

Laughable, could you get me the name of that doughnut poison? These sneaky you-know-whats are probably storing it. I keep a bag on my counter & when it's gone, I fill it again. It tells me if I need to sanitize more than normal. GROSS!

Mags... could that be any sweeter!?

Although I still swear the cookie dough (particularly homemade) is the Devil's work, it does have magical properties. See? It's made me a much nicer person....

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Yup - lots of snow and cold - I want to go play in the snow but even cold by my standards. I am hanging out in SSM ON (Go Team Jacobs for the Gold medal tomorrow)

I am trying to train for Boston, cross country ski and balance a long work schedule. Seems it is always frigid when I have off and warmer when I have to work.

Over 300 cm of snow and more coming overnight!
I love the snow but would love it to be warmer than -20C!

Maybe I need some cookie dough!

I miss my kitchen and Vitamix and cooking lots of fun things!

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Ahhh mosquitoes.....this happens to be my field of work. Common misconception about cold winters and mosquitoes. A hard cold winter does not mean that it kills mosquitoes or that there will be less the following summer. Not to mention there are two major types or subgroups of them and those two subgroups overwinter differently. All a hard and cold winter may do is alter their life cycle somewhat and at times help break the disease cycle. After all look at Alaska, the Dakotas, etc. they have serious mosquito issues and definitely harsh winters. We had an ice storm last week (3 days) ending on Thursday (and an overall harsher winter) and mosquitoes were out on Sunday.

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I am repugnant to all sets and subsets of mosquitos and gnats. Now, stink bugs? Not so sure.

Louisiana has a huge mosquito population to study, doesn't it? I find it very interesting. Like snakes.

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Sure, the rat poison that we've had success with is called Bait Chunx. (Do you think I can type that right the first time? No. Who comes up with these misspellings?) It can be good to switch between brands since they are each a little different in composition.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bait Chunx (did it wrong again) at Tractor Supply

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Well. I just edited my last night's post to change "stick bug" to "stink bug." I'm with you on that one.

I went to the link (hence another Edit!) and I have a whole bucket of this stuff! I never realized there's a hole down the middle. I haven't opened It yet because I'm using those little round, green balls.

Unfortunately, my dog things they're a fish-flavored snack (don't worry, I spoke with poison control) and one of my cats thinks they're a toy. He dug one out from under a dresser, where there's a hole in the floor. I think a mouse must have brought it up because I made SURE there were none when I distributed them.

I have a new mission today. At least I get to see the progress of the mice eating the chunks.

laughable, I was once concerned mice would come into the house and die, and my one cat would eat them. And die. An exterminator laughed and asked, "Where do you go when you feel sick?"
I thought it was a quiz, because I've not been sick in so long I don't ever remember BEing sick. I kinda looked at him sideways and said, "Toooo. the. hoooosssspital?"
He indignantly exclaimed, "NO! You go HOME! They go HOME when they don't feel well."
When I asked what happened if the home was under my floors or in my walls, he "tskt" me and shook his head. Continued termite spraying.

So. Poison it is. The method most employed by female murders because it's less messy. Except that cyanide thing. People spit up with that. Just sayin'.

[evil mawHAhahahahaha]

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Our 15+ inches of snow is melting like a popsicle in July. What a winter. Along with the snow we had the polar vortex, five days of a power outage, ice, broken trees, you name it. Now we are having a February heat wave with highs in the mid 50's. It is so foggy I can barely see across the street. Next will be floods as the snow melts and many of the street drains are still under the snow.

I don't even remember what the 70's feel like. I only hope I still have a garden under this mess. I knocked heavy snow off my cherry laurels because they were nearly flat on the ground. I am sure many of my little beauties are just waiting for May to reappear -- I hope.

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it's pretty warm here, despite the weather predictions. Funny how we tend to continue to believe in them when it's just a joke. The soil is so saturated I think we're going to see a lot of trees down because of it.

Laughable, I just created several Garlands of Death and placed them strategically around my garage & holes in the floor. I can't wait to see nibble marks.

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Here's hoping your garlands of death are a success. : ) And that the little buggers don't call your house walls "home." I won't tell you all the things we thought the awful smell in our bedroom was, until we figured out that something had died under the floor or in the walls. The odor went away. Eventually. Keep those wreaths up until you stop seeing nibble marks.

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Years ago, DD and DM had me crawling all over the attic to find a dead squirrel or animal. It wreaked but never found it. We ended up trying to cover the smell. Eventually it went away.

Tried to drive south today. We got us far as the Mackinac Bridge, driving through white out conditions. They closed the bridge just before we arrived, so had to drive back through the same terrible conditions.

Looks like another indoor training run for Boston this weekend, if my cold improves. Frustrating to be in awesome snow and not be able to enjoy it.

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Right now the smell is mouse poop. I won't make the mistake of moaning the question, "Could it get any worse?" because a dead one will.

The good news is , when it dries up there isn't any more smell.

The problem is, they nibble wires. The wires don't catch ire, but the dried up skeletons/kindling do.

Can't will. But I might slow the tide. Grrrrr....

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"Right now the smell is mouse poop. I won't make the mistake of moaning the question, "Could it get any worse?" because a dead one will.

The good news is , when it dries up there isn't any more smell."

Christine, you maybe and probably are already aware of the hantavirus (spread by rodents through their feces, urine, saliva), I just wanted to give you a heads up in case you haven't heard of it. It can be deadly. Just please be careful when cleaning up after them. Inhaling the air is dangerous as this is the method of transmission. So if your ever cleaning up mouse poop or a dead mouse, just make sure to cover your mouth with your opposite hand or mask.

Just wanting to keep you safe!!! Public's my job!
Those d@mn things are so aggravating. I grew up on a farm, and every year at they came. And oh yes, we have mosquitoes to share. Portions of this state don't even get a real reprieve even during the winter months.

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Just wanted to chime in - I'm a country girl, lol.
I appreciate the (garter) snakes, hate mosquito season and abhor spiders ...
I hope the 4+ ft of snow since January suffocate the @#!$ skeeters and flies...
As an aside, DH became critically ill in October after cleaning out old, moldy, outbuildings at our home/acreage.
Doctors were perplexed and I was concerned about stuff like hantavirus, black mold spores etc, but it turns out it was a deer tick bite.
He apparently not only contracted the Lyme causative bacteria, he also managed to incubate Anaplasmosis as well as Babesia .....
He was a pretty sick fellow for awhile...

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dawn_t: yikes! I had lyme about 3 summers ago... very ill and glad I caught it early on. Those ticks are very often infected with other things and then pass it all on to the human. Disgusting things, ticks. Glad he's feeling better and I hope he got more than the standard 19 days of doxycycline....

CE: Here is DH's mouse poison. Flour mixed 50/50 with plaster of paris or cement in a bowl. Another bowl of H20 nearby. You can cipher out the scenario... he swears by it.

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Deedles, I thank you for sharing!
Yes, Dh says Doxy saved his life!!!
Came home from hospital with a 10 day Rx, and they added 3 weeks to that, after test results. Overkill, yes, but they wanted to be sure...
He started to feel better after 48hrs...

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I know the crap is crappy. Absolutely disgusts me. I appreciate the reminder, though. Luckily, I don't seem to have poop in the exposed areas of my home. Once in a great while, one gets past the bag of poison just under the fridge, but it's so seldom I forget their there until the poison is gone.

SOOOO sorry about the darned deer tick and the Lyme's you guys have gone through. I have taught therapeutic yoga to people who have had arthritic reactions to Lyme's. It seems to do all kinds of weird things, and one of those is joint issues. It can linger, so I hope you guys are better!

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That sounds like a great recipe deedles. I have not had any walls in my kitchen for over a month (long story on that one!) & have a couple of small holes looking down to the ground. I have pier & beam foundation. All of my kitchen boxes are in my living room. A LOT of boxes! One night I started smelling something bad & my dogs started going nuts. I set out a few small & large mouse traps. One went off, but never caught anything. The smell has gone away & haven't heard anything in awhile, but my dogs went crazy again last night. Guess it's time to try out your recipe.

Another disadvantage to rats....typhus. About 6 yrs ago my cat came in smelling really bad. Found out the neighbors had rats under their home, where my cat was stalking. She must have rolled on a dead one - yuk - came home with a flea from the rat that then got on me. I almost died. Was very sick for quite awhile. Not sure if this is everywhere there are rats, as we had an outbreak in central Austin for a few years. Haven't heard much about it lately, tho. Rats....disgusting animals. Thanks again for the recipe deedles.

I hope all of you dealing w/ this horrible winter most of the country's been going thru, thaw out soon. Be careful & hopefully you'll be out in warm sunshiny days before you know it.

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I am so grateful I live in the country and don't have animals to feed in my barn. Rats live in the country and barns with feed in them. I have field mice (aka voles) which although icky, are just better than rats. OMG.

I just thought I'd mention it's going to be 60 ein the DC area today. Kill me.

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