Can you show me a nice 'neutral' color for the entire house?

liptonjlFebruary 24, 2008

Trying to decide on 1 color to paint our whole house. We'll have thick white trim. I am looking for a "khaki" color that is neutral, but not too dark.

I'd appreciate the help, there are so many choices!


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I'm not trying to be "snooty" here, but WHY are you gonna lock yourself into ONE...NEVER-CHANGING, continuous color...
I'm challenging your decision...but ONLY IN A NICE WAY!!! our ACE store, check out ACE chips D14-18.
* Nevada Tan, Wicker, Dried Hydrangea, etc.
* Our decorators are using these ALL the time.
* Cafe Latte...THIS COLOR was used CONSTANTLY for a while. It still is!! It's very close to Nevada Tan.
* It's from the previous ACE collection called "Color Your Life".
* The current ACE collection is similarly titled, "Colors for Your Life".

From Ralph-Lauren:
* Cottonwood, Thunder-Bay, Prince, Haystack, Poplar Island, Sisal, etc.
* Not surprisingly...Beiges/Khaki's here too!

From C2:
* Chai, Enoki, Cafe Latte, Palamino, Thatch, Alpaca, Lioness, Luxe, Minimum, Pilot,.....
* Khaki's/Beiges here too...some medium-toned.


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Well here is the reason for the one color: We are building, so our contract allows for us to paint the house one color - (plus we can pick one room to paint a different color) - all in flat paint. Since we know we will have to go back and have everything repainted in a few years in a satin or semi gloss, we are trying to pick something neutral for now.

Or, for instance, when we decide to have kids, if we want to paint the "baby" room "blue" we will do so at the time.

So right now we are just wanting to stay in our paint budget, since we know that is something that will be redone anyway.

Does that make sense? Thank you for the suggestions Faron! Now at least I have some ideas.

We are still debating on the "one" room to paint a different color though - and what color!

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I like Dromedary Camel from Sherwin Williams. It is very warm without being too dark and dreary, and goes with everything. Lovely color.

I also really like White Raisin from Sherwin Williams. You'll have to ask the person behind the counter about it, because there are no paint chips for it anymore (don't know why). Anyway, White Raisin is a happy yellow color that isn't too bright or "easter-egg" looking. It is neutral, in my opinion. I have it in my living area and have put reds and sages with it and they all work well with it.

Best of luck.

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This may sound utterly crazy...but...ive been painting and repainting for 2 years looking for the right 'neutral'....something it utterly neutral, but has personality..not 'realtor beige'. After a slew of colors from BM and SW, all in the neutral/khakis etc., I landed on a color that, without exception, every person who has seen it has commented on how amazing it is and everyone loves it. Its actually a very warm gray from SW called Anew Gray -- it looks not so great on the fan deck, but when up, has some depth, is very warm...totally changes colors throughout the day and is quite stunning. It may be the light in my house, but anything that had any color in small quantities on the chips, once on the wall, took on way too much color. This gray is to me, the perfect neutral warm color. BTW, the whole house is one color....and its lovely. great flow. It was different colors prior and i was not loving it. If you have watched the show 'flipping out' on bravo, its definately one of their colors...its got a lot of personality, not boring...quite 'adult' and sophisticated.

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Faron, Faron, Faron.....

how could you not include C2's "Potsticker"???


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Why Ivette...
How could I have been so amiss?!?!?
I did actually make some of that yesterday; AND she had nice hair...;-)
(I'm SUCH a flirt...!)
The ones I listed above do rule the roost though!

(You OBVIOUSLY have taste...;-))


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Lucky girl! Potsticker is GORGEOUS.


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Hi there! If you have to paint the entire house one color, I definitely recommend painting a lighter color that you won't get sick of. Pick something very light and neutral, and something that you won't get stuck trying to match everything with. They do look darker and more intense when on the wall, remember. Here are some of my favorite light neutrals (you can buy small sample jars of many of them at Benjamin Moore):
BM Carrington Beige HC-93
BM Manchester Tan HC-81
BM Shaker Beige HC-45

Here is a my old DR done in BM Bradstreet Beige, it is slightly darker than the 3 above that I suggested for you:

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A color I'm considering for my kitchen is Benjamin Moore "Camouflage" 2143-40. It is highly recommended on GW, which is why I checked it out myself. It is a light neutral that has a hint of gray and green and could also be considered a beige. It is availalbe in a small sample size. We bought poster board and painted large samples of the colors we are considering.

Recommendation since you are supposed to pick one, flat color. I would try to insist on BM "Regal" Matte. It is a very high qualtiy paint and is washable.

I personally like satin finish for trim, but I'm not a real shiny person.

Good luck to you!

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I am so glad you posted this question as that is where I am at the moment. My husband is GC on our new home and we are not in a big hurry as our present home hasn't sold as yet.
We just finished the insulation and sheetrock so really would like to go ahead and paint. I really want color on my walls eventually, but as yet have not picked out flooring, cabinets, or furniture, so picking colors would be impossible.
A nice color to paint the whole house is our solution for now. We have a lot of beam work and some rock inside, so would the suggestions given be appropriate for our home?
Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks, Jeanie

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I too am in your same position. We were considering using a color matched RH cappuccino from SW but I think it has too many green undertones. I feel like I should be able to find a SW color since that is what our builder uses and they have so many colors available. i am looking for something more on the darker side since we will have large white base boards and crown - I love contrast. Who knew paint could be so difficult!

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I think it's so hard to pic paint color from a swatch, so I am looking for some painted walls! If anyone has pics, please post :)

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Wheatgrass from sherwin williams is what i have in my living room and i love it. i saw it in a model homes in my area and they used it through the whole house, but its not beigh, it has some depth to it

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That was the boat we were in 10 years ago when we built. We picked 1 color, and guess what--all the walls are still that color, but finally, I'm about to paint the LR/DR.

At the time, we were tired of all the look-alike beiges we were seeing everywhere, so we chose a light warm gray. It's a neutral that goes with our other favorite colors that we're accessorizing with (sage greens, "dusty" pumpkin or a brick/terracotta, and eggplant). I don't have a paint color to help you with as it was a regional paint company (but I think it was called "soft smoke"). We chose carpeting to coordinate with the color, too, but darker.

We're about the make the LR into a library and paint it and the adjoining dining room a sage green, and it goes so well with the gray that's in the adjacent foyer.

So, my advice is to think on what your favorite colors are (what color of your furnishings and accessories, etc.) and pick a neutral that goes with them.

A neutral I do like from my paint quest when we finished our basement last year (and where I used COLOR!) was SW Latte or Nomadic Desert.

I've seen some lovely high-end homes in our area who used SW Blonde throughout, so if you like yellow-y golden tans, check it out.

Enjoy your new home!

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Have you seen this thread? Lots of pictures of paint colors!

Here is a link that might be useful: Favorite yellows and golds

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1) Neutrals will take an undertone, so it is important to know which neutrals according to the, yellow, or blue?

2) Then, once you know that, choose cool or warm of those undertones. Then, light or dark.

(think skin here. Why does gray look so bad on some people and yellow look great? Why does yellow make some people look sick, and gray makes them look fresh and hip?)

3) Natural daylight. No natural light in the house? Unless you like a cave-like feeling on a Sunny day, limit yourself to the first top 3 colors of the card in the paint fan. If you like a cave look during the day, go ahead and use the bottom 3 or 4.

If you have a house with tons of windows and natural light, lucky you, paint every room in deep saturated's great in the day with light, and there is nothing like dark walls at night.

Okay......that being said, here are some great colors I've used.

BM Aura .... HARMONY

This is the ultimate beige/ neutral. It goes with yellow, taupe, green, blue. It can be warm, or cool, depending on what's in the room. It's nice. Cut it in half and the color is a light, pleasant creamy color.

BM SMOKEY TAUPE....the EXACT color of that beautiful linen sometimes called 'flax' (the sample looks like it has a green undertone, but it goes competely gray gorgeous taupe in my cream and white bedroom. It's classy, and fabulous with white trims.

SW NUTHATCH: Dark and gorgeous brown without looking like you tried too hard. I had it in a bedroom with white trims and off white carpet. Caution: Ceilings look really bad when you have these dark colors if you leave them white. Paint the ceiling a few shades lighter (go up the card sample in the same color....that always works.)

BM - PATRIOTIC WHITE. This is a quick change white. It can go white with a tinge of ocean blue, or ocean blue-green. It's cool one minute, then turns warm in the sunlight. At night it's warmer. It's a very fresh white. It's great if you need light in the room from lack of windows. Pair this wall color with very white trims. With ebonized floors,blacks, browns and greys, driftwoods, and touches of sunny yellows this color would be so chic.

SW Spaulding grey, Garret Grey, : these are great deep colors of taupe/brown. I painted my exterior with Garrett was a dark purply taupe. I had blue-green shutters, soft white trims, and a cherry stained front door. Very, very beautiful.

Inside, Spaulding grey is a dark purply brown. Very nice with cherry wood, or maple. Great for a feature fireplace wall. Makes medium or light stained wood, stone, brick "pop".

SW Mystic Beige: a medium light nice warm beige...goes with everything. Some people would call it boring, but if you have nice architecture, or nice furniture, fabrics, or paintings, this color will let them be the star.

One opinion: I really don't like the paint "rules" you'll be told at the paint store. I'd stay away from asking advice in there. Find out if they have a color consultant on the payroll who you could talk to. Also, if you read decorating magazines, keep a file in your file cabinet for "paint color" .......almost all of these magazines have a section on what colors to use. Rip out the pages, and stash them in the file. When you need to pick a color, you'll have the names, and the descriptions, and sometimes pictures of the rooms using the colors.

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I'm going to paint my kitchen and bedroom BM Camouflage. It's really lovely...definitely green, but very subdued and neutral. I was originally planning to use KM Cypress, which my daughter's San Francisco Edwardian flat with gorgeous trim is painted, but I think it's just a wee bit dark for my little abode with budget trim.

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Would you have any photos of the "Anew Gray". I was almost settled between SW Blonde or Kilim Beige. And now you have me wondering about the Anew Gray. If you've been at it for 2 years looking for the right neutral, it might save me some time before I dive in. Thanks!

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I am in love with SW Ramie. After a six month search for a living room paint color (I wanted a blue-green), I got desperate and somehow picked this one out of the blue. It is so creamy and rich and gorgeous and neutral, BUT it is NOT boring beige! It sometimes looks golden, sometimes slightly grayed-out, and it has a lovely green tinge. Reminds me of heavy cream with some green tea swirled in. I love it more and more, especially now that I am painting my trim bright white.

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I just did the SW visualizer w/ Ramie. That is a very pretty color & not one I would have first chosen. Do you have any photos of your living room. Is there any blue in it? How much green? Thanks

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No, no blue. It is not at all something that screams out green. There is a green "blush" to the color that is subtle but very pretty. Like I said, it is almost a golden khaki color but there is a definite green cast to it. I am currently painting the trim, so no pics yet. It wasn't my first choice either, it is something I would have never thought of because I didn't want a boring neutral. It serves as such a warm and creamy backdrop for everything and is so liveable.

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I realize this is an old thread however...when I moved into my home it was already painted BM Carrington Beige which I really do like however I find that it seems to have a bit too much "green"...can anyone suggest something very similiar to Carrington Beige that is more of a "tan or taupe colour?

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