large handmade paper

turtle_loverFebruary 11, 2011

i've been making small, thick 5x7 sheets and have had problems with larger sizes... (using a dip method)... i'm sure better supplies would help, but i'm limited to what i've got for now...

I'm about to try to make a fairly large sheet (8 or 10 inches by 20 or so) by pouring pulp and leaving it on the mold to dry....

any thoughts on this? anyone successful making large sheets?

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Did you google making paper? Or check some of the craft magazines and contacting the editor? Just a thought I have bought the thinner pages but never even tried to make some. Good luck

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Some pictures would help

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I've been making paper for a long, long time. The easiest thing to do, if you're pouring, is to float the mold in a basin of water (preferably NOT a sink. Use a wash tub or a you can get big vats at home/hardware stores...Lowes, Home Depot) When the mold is floating there is a little bit of water on top of the screen which will help the pulp disperse more evenly. You want to be pouring a very thin, watered down pulp. The other option is to get some "formation aid," which you can buy from Or get some okra at the grocery store and soak it overnight and use the sticky, gooey liquid in the pulp. What both formation aid and okra juice do is to make the pulp water viscous thus slowing its flow through the screen giving you more time to even out the sheet.

Best of luck to you!!


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Hey! I think you should try craft tutorials. just find some easy and useful paper make tutorials online.

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