How to achieve smooth walls

Ott2February 27, 2012

We are beginning a build that will be largely contemporary. We lived in a home in Japan for a while that had a non-textured paint treatment on the walls. Not like painted sheetrock. If you felt the walls, you could feel a very small amount of texture, but you couldn't really see the texture. The color did not appear to have much variance, but must have had a little because the walls seemed to have depth and warmth. We would like to do a similar treatment on all the walls in the house we are building. No visible texture, but a very warm, solid kind of look. Do you know what kind of wall treatment might achieve this kind of effect? It looks like I could possibly achieve this with some sort of a plain lime/plaster treatment? Any ideas?


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Veneer plaster over blueboard is the best modern treatment I've seen in the states but it's primarily done in the Northeast parts of the country. Ask your builder if he/she is familiar with it.

A level 5 finish on drywall is close to a veneer'd/blueboard finish and the newer tuff hide topcoat over drywall that has level 4 finishes looks proimising as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: tuff hide

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sierraeast: Thanks for the response! I am in Texas, so not very close to the Northeast. I will see if there is any blueboard skill in this area, and will look at your other suggestions as well. I will probably be back with questions!

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