Kinder Surprise Eggs

johnliu_gwOctober 12, 2013

The kids are missing Kinder Surprise Eggs. You know, the tasty chocolate egg with a little plastic toy inside.

Any way to get these in the USA? They don't seem to be sold here.

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This is kind of weird. The Kinder Surprise Eggs are not allowed into the USA. We have them in Canada and they are apparently in many other countries. Just not the USA. Go figure.

Here is a link to an alternative - an American version that is "legal" in the USA.

Here is a link that might be useful: The Choco Treasure

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There have been many people arrested or detained, and the eggs confiscated bringing Kinder Eggs into the U.S. from Canada. They are considered "illegal contraband". When our daughter was living in Germany, she would fill an egg carton with them and ship us a dozen at a time. :-) -Grainlady

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how bizarre! Is it these in particular, or any German food?

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Liz, it's not the food, it's the toy. There is an old Act from the 30s which prohibits the embedding of foreign objects in a food item unless it has a functional value. So, a sucker stick is OK, but a toy is not. It was supposed to prevent the introduction of hazardous items into processed food and it's never been changed.

Just to make things more fun, the Consumer Product Safety Commission says that the small toys are a choking hazard, although the labels clearly state that the toys are not meant for children under 3.

So, the government is protecting us by not allowing a popular item into the country, and spending hours and dollars confiscating them. Meanwhile GMO products are not required to be labeled, China is sending us things like the pet food that killed and something that might or might not be honey and tainted toothpaste, peanut factories aren't cited for violations that result in salmonella contamination. We're safe from chocolate, though. (sigh)


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Our grandsons love them.

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Teenagers applying to Ivy League schools can probably handle the safety issues.

How about King's Cakes with the little crowns inside?

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