Taunia --directions for lightbox?

Lia_SCFebruary 26, 2003

Taunia, I know you have instructions somewhere on the web for making a lightbox. Can you direct me to where ever it is? Thanks a bunch!

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Lia, I went to Kmart and got a nice sturdy plastic storage container roughly 16x20" in size. It is light blue clear plastic and has a nice flat bottom. I cut a hole in one side and covered the short ends with contact paper. I stick a small flourescent strip light inside and run the cord out thru the hole. On the long sides I taped strips of silver metallic poster board and I cut another piece the size of the bottom.
I just lay the silver cardboard down on the table and set the light on top of it and put the plastic box over it all. The cardboard helps reflect more light giving you a brighter effect when you are trying to trace something.
I can use the box for storage the rest of the time. It was probably $7 for the container and maybe $10 for the light.

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You can try this, Lia.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lightbox

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Thanks, guys, I haven't had much need of one (yet) ;-) But there were some questions about it in the stamptalk email group and I thought I remembered Taunia had a tip for making a homemade one somewhere on the web.

Your plan sounds like a good one, Karen.

What are some uses for them other than dry embossing?

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