Colored pencils on white ink

Lia_SCFebruary 21, 2003

Did anyone see the Carol D. episode the other day where Mary O'Neil made a recipe folder/booklet? She stamped with white pigment ink on black cardstock and then colored on the ink with pencils.

I know it looked labor-intensive for what she made, but I wanted to try it. I used a bargain black stationery paper I had and stamped a design with a stamp that is not really solid, but not detailed with fine lines either. Then colored in those thick lines with plain old colored pencils. At first it didn't look like much, but when the ink dried, Wow! I really like it!

I was using Brilliance white ink, btw, which has a pearly look, but I think regular white pigment ink is what she used.

Here is a link that might be useful: here's the project link

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I haven't watched CD for a while but I have them on tape I'll have to rewind back and watch this segment.

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I missed this show. Sometimes I feel like Mary is on there too much, but this project looks interesting. I threw out my cheap black paper pad...the edges fade so quickly! I like to use Canson pastel paper from the art supply aisle. It is more "toothy" but the colors don't fade for years.

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