Warning about paper craft site --don't go there!

Lia_SCFebruary 27, 2003

Alice Michele Paper Craft Supplies - Beautiful, exotic papers - perfect for crafters

and paper lovers. Birdsnest and Handmade Mexican Bark Paper (Amate)

I found this through a page of craft links and was inundated with porn pages and popups. I recently changed my pop-up stopper and had to set my new one to block these, but I don't think the old one would have stopped them all.

I did a Google search for that name to see if there was a legitimate url and the same thing happened (except my pop-up killer stopped them this time).

Remember that name; you don't want to go there!!

(The original links page said they are the only place to buy Mexican bark paper --I don't believe that's true!)

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Thanks for the heads up! Will keep that one in mind.

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