i need ideas asap today!!!!!!!!!!

taunia1February 27, 2003

This a.m., my neighbor asked me to do a card for her; she had an online friend who passed away, I believe yesterday or last night. She was killed by a drunk driver; leaving behind an 8 year old daughter, she was a single parent. Her family is going to have a keepsake box for her daughter. There are online friends that are making cards to put into the box for the little girl. I need some ideas for this one guys. I want to make it special. It breaks my heart. Thanks in advance. Blessings to all, Taunia.

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How sad! :-(
That would be tough; I wouldn't know what to say! Seems you'd need to know a little something about the mother.

Maybe there is some kind of symbolism you could use... I'm drawing a blank right now, but you know what I mean, right?

Best wishes for your tough assignment!

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Thanks, Lia. Someone suggested an angel collage. I'll keep that theme in mind. I need to make this by the end of today.

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I think the angel theme sounds good and appropriate.

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This is such a wonderful idea! Please suggest (to the neighbor) that as many as possible write about the mother and include as many pictures of the mother as possible including pictures of the mother when young. I lost my aunt several years ago, and am now helping one of my cousins collect pictures of her mother.

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