buttons on your cards?

taunia1February 7, 2003

This list was compiled by Barbie Boop:


Here are some Ideas:

*Use real buttons on your cards to embellish them. (Using a glue gun-tie

them on with string or ribbons- sew them on!)

*Flat Buttons are easiest to use

*Some Buttons are so pretty and you just have to use them anyway but.

They have that nubby thing on the back. You can still use them! Just use

wire cutters and cut that part off.

*If you have a button stamp? Stamp some, cut them out and put a 3-D0

behind them then layer them onto an image where you want a button to be.

*You can use your hole punch s to make buttons! Just cut out some circles

out of CS or wallpaper. Use your hole punch to punch out 2 or 4 wholes.

Voila! You have a button!

*Use your small circle, heart, clover, train, dinosaur, egg, and etc

shaped punches to make different buttons. Remember to use your hole

punch to punch out 2 or 4 holes.

*You can 3-D your buttons with the 3-D0 s or you can apply dimension or

crystal lacquer s them for a neat look. You can even paint them with

embossing liquid, sprinkle on some clear embossing powder and heat.

*You can make buttons out of acetate! Use your punches! Use them on

their own (looks like the old glass buttons!) or on top of other stamped

buttons to give them a shiny look. Barb Boop

Now what do you do with the buttons?

1- Use them on a collage card.

2- A sewing card

3- Snowman buttons!

4- Flowers centers

5- In the middle of a bow on a bears head

6- Make a button path

7- The middle of a sun

8- Tie some onto a card with a reminder note.

9- Use one as a belly button

10- Cars, trucks, wagons need wheels! Use the buttons!

11- Shirt cards need buttons

12- How about on a card with a big tie on the front for Fathers day You

could use the button as a tie tack!

13- Make a mini book and use the buttons as a closure

14- Embellishment! Tie your buttons to Embroidery floss and let them hang

from cards or books.

15- Make a Purse shaped card. Use the button to close the purse!

16- How about a shoe shaped card? With a button. I carved a really cool

Victorian shoe. Stamped it on a card front. Cut around the shoe and made

the card into a shoe shaped card . I know there are a few Victorian shoe

and boot stamps out on the market that d work great with this idea.

17- Button ring on a hand card. Just trace your hand or Childs hand.

Cut out. Place button on ring finger.

18- Belly : stamp an image and use a button to color the belly section


19- Body for a bug card! just add legs and stamp other bugs on the card.

20- Button necklace/bracelet, barrettes, pins etc add stamped images

between the buttons or dangle them from a string from the buttonholes.

21- Shaped buttons are fun to use on cards!

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Another list!! I'm in hog heaven!!

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Don't ya just love it?

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