Lia ,this poem is for You

taunia1February 15, 2003

And YOU know why...

Thank You, Friend

In times like these,

I'm glad I've friends;

to guide & light the way.

With ups & downs,

thank God I've found

your kinship true each day.

I hope I can

someday return

the gifts you give to me;

I never dreamed

I'd have a friend

like you have come to be.

Taunia Rose

(c) 2003

I sure am glad you are around! I thank God for you everyday. You are my mentor. People here have no idea how lucky we are to have you. Thank you Lia; Thank you God.

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Taunia, I don't know what to say! That is SO sweet and a BEAUTIFUL poem!

I'm guessing you mean my close-call? I sure am glad to be around, too!! For those who don't know, I was in our small-town bank the other day when it was held up. No one was hurt, thank God! I'm still walking around in a kind of haze.
Funny thing: the only dream I've had related to the ordeal is that the guy who took the money made a paperdoll of me and recreated the crime-scene. LOL! See? This is not Off-Topic! LOL!

I'm really thankful to still be able to come here and talk about the things I love to do with precious friends like y'all!

((((Thank you!!!)))

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My gosh Lia how were we to know???
I'm so glad you are ok.
An experience like tht is not easy to get over.
You'll probably never watch a crime movie again.
What do you mean he made a paper doll? out of the money? Don't dream those things anymore!!
Tell us more if it helps

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Whewwwww!! Did they catch the guy? That can happen to anyone at any time.......too much meanness in this world. I'm glad you are OK.

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How absolutely scary for you. Glad to know no one was hurt, it's the possibilities that give you the shakes. Sure am glad you are still here with us, enriching every day for so many of us.

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You guys are too sweet!
I don't visit the discussion forums around here much and I didnt want to be too Off Topic. I'm doing okay. I haven't been back in the bank yet, and I know that will be hard when I do, but I realize that kind of thing could happen anywhere.
Two of three thugs were caught; the driver of the getaway car is still at large and possibly a 4th accomplice that aided in his escape.
Minnie said, "What do you mean he made a paper doll? out of the money? Don't dream those things anymore!!"
Okay, Minnie, I'll try my best not to dream those things! LOL! When it happened, the guy who took the money was directly across from me and cleaned out the cash drawer of my teller, who's also a close friend. In my dream, he made a paper doll with my face and set up a reenactment of the crime. I suppose I was scared since he looked right at me. But I thought it was funny I should dream about a PAPER doll. LOL!
The FBI offered councelling, but I think I'm going to be okay. It happened so fast and was over in 5 minutes and I never saw the gun --that probably helped. Thanks so much for your concerns!!

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This gives me the chills to think that you were in such danger! We love you and are so glad you were not hurt!
I think your dream was neat in a showed your subconcious trying to deal with the incident using something that is dear to you. I hope your friend is OK, too...she must have been just terrified.


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