Is there an imported chinese cabinet that is acceptable?

shelendeFebruary 29, 2012

Are there any good Chinese made cabinets that don't emit toxic chemicals out there? The prices are so low and they don't look bad. If anyone has any experience with a good, non toxic line of kitchen cabinets, please share your knowledge.

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Why would you go that route when you can go Ikea for probably less and have 4x the quality level at minimum?

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I am considering all kinds of cabinets, including Ikea and am just trying to find out about non toxic chinese cabinets.

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Unless you're a chemist and able to test the wood, how would you know? You can't just go by what a salesperson tells you, necessarily,

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How would you know for sure? Believe the person selling them? Does anyone even know the manufacturers names? All you can ever find is the seller/dealers name. For me I would have no trust. Do you think the environment is a top priority with prices that low? Actually I wonder really how low they are...but thats another issue.

Sorry to be negative. I checked into some china made cabinets sold locally. The sales person got very defensive when I started asking questions about where they were made, quality, etc. Turned me right off and raised a big red flag.

Hopefully someone who has them will post with first hand experience.

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Try to do a search (it may be easier to use Google and specify this site.) I believe there is a poster who sells cabinetry who has suggested several brands in the past. I'm in the same boat and am considering All Wood and Cliq (which evidently are really 6 Square) among other lower-cost US brands such as American Woodmark - both are Chinese companies that evidently adhere to stricter environmental standards and have gotten decent reviews here before, although not that I'm aware by actual homeowners!!

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I would say you can get a very quality cabinet made in China. Most of the ones at Home Depot and Lowes are made in China. Check out JSI cabinets or Fabuwood cabinets.

The China cabinets are mass produced with standard sizes and limited door styles but are very nice. If you like the door styles, I would not hesitate to buy them. If you have to have American check out Kabinart.

The custom cabinets guys who are getting hammered by the cheap imports are spreading rumors about them. Please tell me what is not made in China? Why would you single out cabinets v's your I-phone. I have them and they are great.

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My custom cabinets by Bridgewood in framed or frameless many times are very close the same cost as 6 Square in their cherry door styles. I sell both companies. There is so much mis information out there on this subject and most posts on here do not seem to clear up much.

If you want cabinets that are eco friendly you need to get cabinets that are C.A.R.B certified. California Air Resources Board. They have the strictest requirements. Every Chinese factory wants to be able to sell directly to importers in that state. Most RTA lines are Carb Certified.

JSI, Fabuwood, TSG, Allwood, 6 Square, Interstock, KCD, River Run, J Mark, IKS, Innovations, Wolf Classic (not RTA but comperable price as well as Contractors Choice made by Aristokraft) J Mark, J & K Grand,Rosewood, and GHI just to name a few.

It drives me nuts when I hear how stupid some local retailers are about it. They ruin it for the rest of us. I have all my sample doors on walls in an area we call the selection room. I have labels at the top of the walls to specify the brand name of cabinet company I have which is 6 RTA for example. I have the brochures out on a table for all the RTA companies also. Their is no need to hide where they come from.

I do not agree with the notion that Ikea's cabinets are leaps and bounds better then RTA in general. Every brand including Ikea has strengths and weaknesses. This nonsense that Ikea is God drives me nuts.

If you like the feeling that you are in a doctors office when cooking I guess Ikea is the way to go.

The problem with RTA is people do not look to local dealers to purchase it so they are left to look at websites designed to manipulate you into buying their cabinets in the name of factory direct which most of the time is not true.

I have semi custom cabinets where 10 x 10 costs are as low as the most affordable RTA companies I chose to offer in my store. There are times when RTA is clearly the best choice for someone I meet and other times Wolf Classic or the Americana Series from Wellborn Forest both of which are american made at pretty much the same price is a better choice. Other times semi custom is. It depends on the needs of the design and what they are looking for as must haves like paint color or general door style is a must have.

Any of the brands that CARB certified are as eco friendly as any ikea cabinet or semi custom.

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get ikea. their cab and drawer organizational tools are incredible + blum hardware.

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I was curious about All Wood versus 6 Square but, I also have a specific question on whether it makes sense to buy 6 Square or just go directly to Cliq. DaveInOrlando, you did a really great post about markups. Do you happen to know any details on this?

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Why would you go that route when you can go Ikea for probably less and have 4x the quality level at minimum?

For me, Ikea isn't an option because all they have is particleboard and I want plywood. There are plenty of RTA cabinets that are all-plywood. If I'm wrong about Ikea please let me know, but that's what the situation was last time I checked.

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What do you mean go directly to cliq? They are selling 6 square cabinets. So you would be buying them either way.

I did not study the site carefully.... I do know you are not supposed to sell onlinie 6 square, hence they have changed all the names of the door styles. I wanted to do it and they told me know. Cliq has to reship the cabinets to you. They must be shipped to them first and then re shipped to you. Higher rates of damage will naturally occur doing that. I am not sure you will get the lifetime warranty doing that either. The local sales rep has to do all warranty claims for the cabinet companies. If you buy from Cliq where ever they are the comission will go to the rep of there geography. The local 6 square sales rep will not be as inclined to go the extra mile with you on questionable warranty claims as he or she did not make any money on your sale.

6 square doors are a higher quality then all wood hands down. I have the ability to sell both companies. The quality of 6 square exceeds allwood. 6 square is now a semi custom company where you can order way more colors and have options to modify the cabinets you do not with All wood. 6 Square has more overall cabinet sizes and configurations to chose from.

Allwood is easier to sell on line from a dealers perspective.

On a random base cabinet cliq is selling the cabinet for approx 30% profit. Most dealers are going to be 50% or higher. At the end of the day you are not going to get as good a service as you would with a decent local company.

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For what it's worth I am about to start my kitchen reno tomorrow; I went with fabuwood elite. There are many KD who carry this product, and across the board I was told this is the best bang for your buck. Although Fabuwood is a stock cabinet, they are retrofitting cabinets to accommodate my farm sink, which was a must have. They just came out with spice-pull outs, they will also modify quite a number of their products. Almost every KD I went to either installed them in a family/friends home or for themselves. I live in Westchester, NY and there are KD all over, so I think that says something.

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being a cabinet distributor i can tell you made the right Choice,

i have many lines in my Showroom american and imported, the truth is, the imports did have issues in the begining, i always pushed people to the american brands, was scared selling them on the imported ones plus the economy was great and people could afford it, now the newer importers like Fabuwood or even JSI have brought such a nice product you can get a real Value for a low price, the consumer is happy, saved money and got a good quality, with Fabuwood i can also do modifications like any other American brand, plus the way its assembled with Glue and Staple is the same like any custom cabinet company, so what exactly is the Different between that and an american?
today if im giving a quote on an american cabinet im all scared they'll go shop around and find cheaper, which they will, therefore im pushing them right away to the cabinet they can afford and is still a value cabinet.

i personally don't believe in Ikea i have seen the cabinets and i think its are a piece of junk.

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i agree with you, i also found Fabuwood top of the imported lines and not being RTA,

i had 6 Square and took them out, i found out trough a rep that Cliq is 6 Square with another name...
i was very surprised and also hurt being a loyal dealer, you can safely buy it on the site if its less priced then your local KD,

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Slightly off topic and perhaps not helpful- I have been to a factory in China. I have seen the huge factory sites where workers live. Yes,they provide a way for workers from the country side to come and earn a "good living" for a few years and return home with enough money to take care of them selves and family, and that part is good. Buying from China is a great debate, which I'm sure everyone is aware of the issues of quality, product safety, etc. For my part, I am trying to buy American made, but many times it is impossible. But I am not ever buying food from China.

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Since we have some KDs and dealers weighing in...I'm not a fan and really don't mind losing business to them. Worked at a place that had JSI. I find it interesting that there wasn't much of it around until the recession hit. Then everyone and his brother started to carry it just so they didn't have to drop their margin. If that is what someone wants or really needs there are a few dealers nearby that I send them to. Now there are plenty of domestic brands I rejected too, still I can compete with Lowes a mile away.

I also will not handle American cabinets with Chinese drawer glides simply on quality, life expectancy-had one briefly, wasn't supposed to have them, sold off the displays at a loss, too many issues to quickly.

We had needed some plywood to assemble a home show display, didn't realize I ended up with Chinese until I put the first piece into the saw. I don't have any idea what they are putting in it but it is heavier, harder on blades, and the dust is more irritating than any sheet goods I've ever used. When I need ply I now travel an extra half hour to get it. It may all be just fine, just know we didn't like working with it. Then again it could be like the sheetrock(which also passed standards), I don't want to find out. I'd take a quality Canadian particle board over Chinese ply every single time. Come to think of it that is what is I put in my kitchen, frameless particle.

Besides I live here; when possible I buy Domestic, North American, that order, while I still have a choice. It's not like I'm well off, sometimes that means do without, sometimes there is no choice (but my phone is made in Mexico) And let's not even think about carbon footprint or environmental controls at the factory.

I won't sell something I wouldn't put in my home. If I go out of business because of that so be it. I didn't put anyone else out of work to stay in business. Sappy, maybe, I don't care- I have grandkids.

"Most of the ones at Home Depot and Lowes are made in China".- No, at least here they don't carry any chinese brands.

"assembled with Glue and Staple is the same like any custom cabinet company"- No, "some" semi custom- by the time you are getting a custom cabinet you should be getting doweled or mortise and tenon frames. How well a cabinet is glued is important and varies enormously on American brands. I have gone to the factory for every brand I've considered carrying- just to see the finishing line and how well any glueing is done.
Do any of them have KCMA ESP certification? I consider that a minimum standard.
Then there is the issue of moisture control in wood: every one I've run into shows more signs of movement faster. They don't maintain climate control in the containers on that trip across the Pacific.

But if that is the only way to make budget and you can't wait or you feel you need to sell them to make a living then do what you have to do.

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We had the opportunity to sell several Chinese brands in our new showroom. We rejected them all, based on quality. I'm with jakuvall, I won't sell something that I wouldn't put in my home. I have yet to see a Chinese made cabinet that I would put in my home. However, there are plenty of American brands that don't make the cut either.

Jakuvall also mentioned KCMA certification. That is the absolute minimum requirements that I would accept if I were cabinet shopping. And, most Chinese sourced cabinets or even most custom cabinet makers will not have cabinets that will pass those tests. The finishes are usually the primary culprits for failure, with hardware running second, and joinery methods third.

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I have Panda kitchen cabinets (a Chinese company)- mostly. The local dealer went out of business and the owner/proprietor basically disappeared. The landlord opted to sell the display kitchens rather than trash them. The catch of course was that the buyer had to remove the cabinets themselves.

So, I got this kitchen- granite and all for $1500:

We took it all down and brought them home. Although the doors and drawer fronts are made from solid maple and are well made, the cabinet boxes were crap. Basically anything made from plywood was warped. So, we opted to use only a few of the bases - a 36" drawer base, a 24" drawer base and a 15" tall pantry. That's it. The rest of my cabinet boxes are either IKEA or were custom made by DH from plywood. I REALLY love the IKEA cabinets and hardware. I've had no problems with them. In fact I had them in a previous kitchen too.

If I ever have to do another budget kitchen reno, I would seriously consider doing custom doors either made locally or through Scherr's on IKEA cabinets.

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Kathec, your kitchen looks beautiful! I think you got a good deal despite having to buy new bases. Thanks for sharing.

I had no idea that 6 Square is Cliq as I like the sample from Cliq I have here.

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I have no experience with Chinese cabinets, other than when I looked at them in a showroom / warehouse, the stain colors were inconsistent.

However, I do work with Chinese imports on a daily basis and generally, the Chinese improve their product line over time. This is often forced by the market place which demands better quality. For example, walmart and other large retailers have strict quality standards and this has forced the quality level of most apparel coming out of China. Now, the quality is good enough for branded fashion apparel to be manufactured in China.

China has more recently entered the casegoods industry and if you read reviews for even good old American retailers such as Ethan Allen, the main complaint is that quality ain't what it used to be.

IMO, based on their sucess in casegoods, China has expanded their market to cabinetry. In time, that too will force higher quality. Until then, its buyer beware. It will be interesting to see how U.S. cabinet makers will adapt to the new competition.

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Live Wire Oak- jakuvall

searching now on the KCMA website, they hav a list of all certified manufactureres and most of the China importers are on it, such as TSG, Fabuwood, JSI, GHI, i guess they do meet the minimum,

i been in the line for many years, over the past 4 years things have gotten so bad, people are not willing to spend a Dollar more of what china Offers,even with the China lines is hard now to get them to buy, they still want less...
i wish they would all be willing to spend for american, i would only sell American Brands like in the old days, but thats not the case,

you also said, you wouldn't put in your own house, i wouldn't either,. i believe in spending few extra bucks for top quality, but people don't!
if you really compere semi custom american line to the Chineese lines i found them both at the same level of quality, let me know if you see it different.

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Isaid KCMA -ESP certified, none of those are.I know times are tough, was laid off 3yrs ago and couldn't find a job. This being my 3rd career the best choice was give it a go on my own. The way I looked at it was, "raise your performance and llower your expecations". So we find ways to add value and save money elsewhere, and keep a low margin. Now I'm bootstrapping the biz, and am doing fine after 3 years.still here- have a showroom,gross is up, clients are happy. Only put the sign out in Sept. We'll see as there are no guarantees and as I said we don't have much capital.
Plenty of competition-20 dealers within a half hour drive-anothe dozen cabinet makers.Recent NKBA survey found that only 28 percent make their decision based on price (look at this board- mostly domestic cabs)
It's doable.

Already stated why I don't see them as the "same"

Here is a link that might be useful: ESP certified mfg

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Even though I already decided on Bellmont cabinets, I spent some time talking with some local cabinet places at the home show recently. They were a bit excited to talk to someone about construction, materials, etc since most people don't ask. One guy only uses plywood from a local place, he swears it's the best he can buy in the US. Won't even look at Chinese. The others were also Leary of Chinese ply, they and the lines they carry seem to have to reject a lot of sheets for quality issues lately. I didn't get into exactly what, but hearing from multiple sources they have stopped using it makes it suspect in my mind.

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i am surprised with that NKBA survey, i found that in this economy everyone is about the Price, im sure each area is different but 28% doesn't make any sense,

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scot- I was partly mistaken- looked it up- was Kitchen and Bath Design News in 2010.
Primary reason for choosing a kitchen designer-
price was 23.3%-other categories were
*referal word of mouth 28.9,
*ability to coordinate entire job 13.1,
*willingness to work within budget 9.2
*ability to personalize 7.7,
*best design ideas, 6.9,
*rapport with designer 5.9,
brands carried 2.6,
availability of financing 1.5-

Asterics * are what I aim for (NOTE we don't have "in house install" but do coordinate EVERY project at no extra charge-more work but makes for better jobs and higher referral rate)
Wonder how the folks around here decide- looks like a mix to me.

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don't forget, things have changed alot since then, more people today are about price, i see it every day, and its getting more and more,

the amount of china abinets we are selling today is like never before, even when i try to push the customer to upgrate they are ending up with the chineese one, for the same reason, "PRICE"..

will this ever change back? i would like to hear what people think

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I totally disagree that it's all about the price. Maybe if you, the dealer, make it about that, then you'll find that that that's what your customers pick up on and what they want to talk about. The classic self fulfilling prophecy.

If you want to sell quality, you have to assume that people want quality. And, they DO.

Almost every remodel that I've done in the last few years of this "down economy" have actually been higher in price than the ones during the boom. People are staying in place and investing in things in their home that give them quality, comfort, and convenience.

Yes, you'll always get flippers or rental kings, but those will always be there and will always want the cheapest thing possible. People who actually want to live in their homes don't want junk, and if that means saving a bit longer to get better quality, they will. Or they'll cut back on the fancy decorations or upcharged wood in order to get something that is simpler but similar looking.

The key word that I hear over and over is "functionality". People are remodeling because some builder somewhere didn't care about creating a quality functional kitchen, and they are tired of living with it. They aren't just changing it out because it's not "pretty". And they will NOT be replacing cheap builder grade crap with more cheap Chinese crap. They've been there and done that.

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maybe is Memphis TN that's the case, but here in the tristate it is totally all about price,
i been in the business for many years, i am watching the changes, custom cabinet makers are closing, chineese importers are coming up daily, china has improved alot on quality, there are a few importers recently that have the same quality as mid range american manufaturers, and when people can save big by buying imported they will do it,
same idea why wall mart is so successful, its all Chineese product, they got consumer confidents,

i am selling as of today 80% imported cabinets, yes becasue of the price, and thakfully i am very busy and business is been great,

have a happy new year, hope this year will be even better!

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By "tri-state" do you mean NY, NJ, CT? That's where Iam and I'd agree with green, so does a recent article in the trades.

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Even if the cabinets are made of particleboard, Ikea has a 20 year warranty. Every company selling chinese cabinets around here even 5 years ago has disappeared to be replaced by a "new" company. I am sure Ikea will be here 20 years from now, and I trust their cabinets are made of what they say they are made of. After the Chinese pet and baby food debacles (putting melamine as an ingredient to boost the "protein" values), I will never again believe anything made in China is what they say it is.

Carla in Sac

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Anyone have any experience with the cabinet lines at Cabinets To Go? Specifically B. Jorgsen & Co cabinetry.

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How about Innovation Cabinets? Anyone have experience with that one? I am doing a flip but am not wanting to pass off junk to someone.

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Innovations is a frameless product from Florida. I got a free display of it. Never put in in my showroom. I gave it to a friend of mine who used it in his office kitchen. None of the drawers line up next to each other. Not easy to put togther if you are a perfectionist. There are no real instructions on where you are supposed to put the drawer guides that position them. In the last year I have decided to take down all my RTA samples and get rid of all of them except JSI. It is to confusing for the average person to run around and say you can get this one if multiple colors you can't in this one this has that feature this company does not have the cabinet size we need ect.....

I have gone the way of most kitchen stores and boiled it down to the American brands that have truthfuly less expensive costs that are partial overlay and without soft close drawers when someone wants cheap....

If you are not in a hurry hands down the best cabinet line for your money is American Value. It has a dealer cost that is within 5% of JSI's most expensive doorstyle but a catalog 10 times larger with custom sizes available where you can change height and width in 1/16 increments. It is made to order but for some reason Bridgewood who makes it will not let you interchange wood species door style and finish. All are pre selected. That drives me nuts personally... You come to where you accept it is what it is and offer it to those who it works for and forget it for others it does not. It comes with blumotion guides and blum soft close hinges standard with 1/2" all plywood box with UV coated natural interior finish not melamine like many of your less expensive all plywood american products are.

Also If you want dirt cheap all ply box then JSI in the craftsman series is the way to go. They have one raised and one shaker door style in 4 colors you can get in 2 weeks from a dealer. You can upgrade the drawers to soft close if you want it. It is partial overlay. It is a better quality then Aristokrafts conractors choice or the aristokraft cabinet that Live wire oak has mentioned. Nothing against him what so ever I have ability to buy aristokraft and the private labled contractors choice which is just an instock product available to dealers in the atlantic coast who know where to get it. The quality of the doors on the JSI product is a bit better.

I actually do not tell people about the JSI cabinet cause I like to have more sizes available then it has as a designer that likes to make nice organized and well fitting plans. Brandom has the most sizes available of all three companies now mentioned but in a particle board box. Brandom windsor series, jsi craftsman series, and the low cost flat and raised panel door styles in birch from Aristokraft are all within 10% of each other for dealer costs. Jsi has the least number of available cabinet sizes, contractors choice is next which is slightly cheaper then the Aristokraft name, and Brandom has the most sizes. 10 x 10 kitchens run about 1,600 to 2,000 in all those companies. Very few chinese cabinets are similar to that price as most of them are going for fancier more costly looks in an effort to give you more perceived value against American counterparts. If someone wants cheap and fast I offer Contractors Choice as it comes on the next truck which is twice a week. If they want a painted finish I go with Brandom which is the same price but takes a month to get. Also at the rock bottom prices of these types of lines.

American Value cabinets for example have a 10 x 10 price of about 3,400 with me. To me it worth having 39" high cabinets with all custom sizes as needed for 100% increase in cost. It is the price of the nicer Chinese cabinets for example but much more expensive from the rock bottom possibilities. None the less the value of ability to do a good design if you are not building your dream kitchen is much greater. Everything is relative. The average person who buys a home to resell the profit at resale is the purpose of the excercise not how nice can they do the house with a minimum profit that is acceptable. Those kind of people just go cheap with no thought of how the kitchen will be used to make it a house worth living in.

Long of the short if you are going to assemble the cabinets be advised it is a head ache with innovations and will be frustrating when you install it and nothing lines up next to the other one.

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Wow. I didn't see these answers til now. Thanks for your detailed response! In the show room, the drawers seemed to line up but I wasn't looking for it. I then found out that a friend of mine has Innovation. Her's were installed by the dealer. They look upscale and I never guessed, because if the upscale setting they are in.

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Here is my take on it. There are literally hundreds of RTA cabinet companies that are selling RTA cabinets, but there are really only about 20-30 companies that have any control at the factory level which daveinorlando mentioned several of them (with a couple of smaller guys just starting to get into it). With California's C.A.R.B. compliance laws, they all had to change their manufacturing processes in order to be able to sell in the U.S., so toxic chemicals and off-gases are just myths that people are using to shoot down imported cabinets.

I think the discussion got a little side tracked, but I would agree with GreenDesigns... it is all in the way you present the cabinets, especially if you own a showroom or design studio.. if you don't want to sell strictly on price, don't make it about price... tap into the emotion or pain points.

There is a company need my house that does a REALLY good job of this (won't mention the name here). They take the same RTA cabinets that you might be selling for $4,000 and make the displays look like custom cabinets selling them for $8-9,000. Their prices are higher than everyone else in the area that is selling the same cabinets, but they are selling a ton of kitchens because the way they present the cabinets. People are walking in and saying "I wan't that!".

I would agree that some of the RTA lines are not the best quality, but there some that are just as good as semi-custom cabinets (if not better), and you can definitely make them look like custom cabinets with some creativity.

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I recently had my kitchen remodeled with RTA cabinets and the installers more or less did a custom job with them. I totally agree with what NickandMilo said about they way the cabinets are presented makes a difference. Now, I will say I didn't have the flexibility on some cabinet choices but I'm okay with it. We didn't move any walls so it would have been hard to make the adjustments even with semi custom cabinets. Custom would have been the only way to make it work perfectly or gutting the kitchen & starting over.

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I am about to start the renovation process. Has anyone had fabuwood cabinets installed and are happy with the product? I have done lots of research and have seen such mixed reviews. So many choices of cabinets! Thanks for any input!

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Ellen, you probebly have finished your project by now, share your experience, which cabinet line have you used?
like i wrote before i have Fabuwood and few more RTA lines in my showroom, i wouldn't call it a hgih end line but for the price you paying you getting a great value, i trust it more than any other RTA lines, i recenlty had a issue with the finish on one job we did and they were behnd it, sent finisher over to the job and fix it, none of the other RTA companies are capable of doing that, if you are ready to spend than rather get a solid custom company with a life time warranty,

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I am so cross-eyed right now.

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I got 4 bids for my kitchen: Smithport (made in TN); HD Kraftmaid; Ultracraft; and from a distributor that carries Chinese (Bridgewood and 6 Square). The first three quotes were somewhat similar -- the Bridgewood and 6Square quotes were TWICE the cost of the others!!!!! I think that is because I wanted frameless and a certain cabinet style -- nothing unusual (modified shaker recessed in an off-white), whereas they had mostly stained and raised panel and framed cabinets available.

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I got 4 bids for my kitchen: Smithport (made in TN); HD Kraftmaid; Ultracraft; and from a distributor that carries Chinese (Bridgewood and 6 Square). The first three quotes were somewhat similar -- the Bridgewood and 6Square quotes were TWICE the cost of the others!!!!! I think that is because I wanted frameless and a certain cabinet style -- nothing unusual (modified shaker recessed in an off-white), whereas they had mostly stained and raised panel and framed cabinets available.

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I don't think Bridgewood are Chinese.

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I have recently worked at a place assembling kitchen cabinets that were made in china. I had heard some disturbing facts about these cabinets. I did some research about Chinese cabinets and have found some disturbing facts. The plywood used for these cabinets contain up to 100 x the content of formaldehyde that american manufacturers are allowed to use. It is estimated that 1.2 million children in china die each year from exposure to these cabinets by way of leuchemia or cancer. I always wondered why when I got a splinter from this plywood it got very infected...even from the smallest of splinters. Also the high content of formaldehyde causes the glue to fail prematurely and the plywood starts to delaminate within three years. This I have confermed because many cabinets I assembled delaminated when even a small staple was used in fastening. The finish used on these is a one step process consisting of the stain being added to the lacquer with no hardener added. It is the poorest finish I have seen. So....if you already have these cabinets in your home and cannot afford to have them replaced keep that particular room cool as possible as heat and humidity releases the formaldehyde at a much faster rate.

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The failure mode with Chinese materials and workmanship is lack of consistency, which is why it's hard to answer the oginal question on this thread. Even if you could find a brand that met your standards 6 months ago, it's anyone's guess if they still meet those standards today. Granted Chinese materials and workmanship has become more consistent over time, but the fact remains that it's still less consistent than 1st world products.

Regarding Ikea kitchen stuff, the hardware is second to none and the cabinets are rock solid when assembled and installed correctly. So anybody who claims Ikea kitchen stuff is junk or that it will only last few years is wrong and should not be trusted. Plywood boxes and dovetail joints are relatively expensive aesthetic options that provide insignificant functional benefit.

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Dovetail joints are for aesthetics?? Clearly we have a master carpenter in the house.

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Yes there are good Chinese cabinets better than Ikea's all particle board and vinyl.
Check out All Wood Cabinets.Com

Here is a link that might be useful: hi-end finishes and quality construction

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