Right paint for the bathroom.

yayagalJanuary 2, 2012

What brand and sheen is the best for a bathroom. It's a small room with no vent. I like the Aura paints but some people say it makes marks from the steam. Any suggestions? I love a dull matte look but is that smart? There are only two adults so we don't really get prints on the walls.

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I'll leave the brand of paint up to you, as I don't want to start a "brand war", but in terms of sheen, my personal preference is nothing less than an Eggshell finish.

Eggshell is washable, in the event that you do get some condensation marks on the walls from steam.

Hope this helps.

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I usually recommend a Satin.

Best bet for long-run water-resistance/intrusion.
VERY easily wiped-off.


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I have Sherwin Williams Satin Bath paint in 2 bathrooms. 1 six years old and the other 8 years old. The paint is holding up well.

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Thank you all for your imput. I love Sherwin Williams so I'll stick to that and compare the satin to the eggshell or are they about the same. We're doing the redo ourselves so it's gonna be a while. I'm 72 and DH is 78 and we do all our own work so far. Now to get the tub and tile out and get cracking. We have removed the wall paper, ugh, and then we filled in and sanded and primed the walls. Do you think I'll need two coats of primer, it didn't cover opaque. I can see through it to the old ivory color.

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As long as you did a full coat of primer, one coat is fine. People tend to think of primer as something that is used to cover up old colors. That's really not its primary job. It's job is to seal and provide a good base for the finish paints you will apply next. If you can still see some of the old color pushing through the primer, that's just fine.

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Congratulations on being able to DIY your projects at 72 and 78! Hope we are that healthy and able at that age. We are 60 and 65 and still going strong!

If you don't have a vent, I would definitely recommend Satin. Have you had any problems in the past from not having the bath vented?? Would it be possible to hire someone to install a vent for you?

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