what type of sink with soapstone counters?

athomeinvagwFebruary 11, 2009

Hi- i have not posted before but have been reading this forum for at least the last 2 months as we have been planning our kitchen reno. i have really learned a lot from lurking and have been able to refine my own sense of what i want by looking at the beautiful kitchens that have been shared here and on the finished kitchens blog. the one thing that i am stuck on is the kitchen sink which i plan to be undermounted in dark gray soapstone. i have considered everything- stainles, cast iron, copper, silgranit, maybe soapstone itself. and so my questions are: would silgranit look right with soapstone? does anyone have an undermounted soapstone sink that is not an apron style? does stainless look too modern if i am going for a colonial, old world feel?

sorry to bombard you on really such a minor detail. i have searched the images of the sinks that you all have with your soapstone (as well as every other minor concern i have had up until this point) and at this point i am all searched out so if you want to post a picture along with any advice you may have for me i would love it!

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We have an undermount stainless, two actually- looks great with the soapstone.

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I have a farmhouse sink and love the look.

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1890 farmhouse - two under mount stainless steel sinks with soapstone - love the look

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We have a soapstone sink as the main sink and a smaller stainless prep sink in the island. Both look great but I especially love our soapstone sink.


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Wow! That soapstone sink looks amazing.

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that is a beautiful sink!
thank you all for the responses. i am going to the soapstone place tomorrow and plan to ask about the sinks that they make but i doubt i can fit one in the budget and will probably go with the stainless.

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I don't have soapstone counters, but I adore the soapstone sink in this Crown Point kitchen:

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Although I have a soapstone sink, I think a copper sink would also look great too if you wanted something different. My stone actually has a lot of brown veining in it. Here's a pic although you already know what the soapstone sinks look like from another poster. They run around $900-$1000 if you need an idea of price.

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I have a soapstone sink but it is undermount and not a farmhouse style. Mine was custom and $700 (smaller than avg), however they made some standard sizes at my fabricator that were reasonably priced. Copper will be pricy. The soapstone is so quiet. :-)

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Babka NorCal 9b

I'm very pleased with a Silgranit Metallic Grey sink and Mariana soapstone. The very few grey lines I have in my soapstone match the sink. All the photos are probably gone by now, but many folks who were here 3 years ago (when I was doing my kitchen)used the anthracite (black) Silgranit with their soapstone counters and they looked pretty good. Get some samples and put them together to decide if you like it.


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babka- were you able to get samples of the silgranit when you were doing your kitchen? i have samples from kohler of their cast iron colors but have not seen anywhere on blanco's site a place to order silgranit samples. i guess i probably need to contact a dealer to find that out.

thanks again to you all for your input, although now knowing that all options work well does not help me narrow my choice down any!

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Babka NorCal 9b

I just e-mailed their customer service and told them I was interested in purchasing a metallic Grey sink, but no local showrooms had a sample I could take home with me to make sure it would go with my countertop material. They sent me a 2" sample that arrived in a couple days. That was 3 years ago, YMMV.


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Wow! The soapstone sinks look gorgeous! When you have a soapstone sink do you oil it like the counters to get the dark patina?

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Judy, we do not - it's just not practical with the daily use. The pic I posted above was the day of install and the install team oiled every square inch of the new counters and sink. I do oil the apron front and the sink still looks great; in fact from where I'm sitting at the island right now, I can't even see the interior.

It's also neat that when people come over who haven't seen soapstone before (and that would be everyone!), I show them the sink interior. I have friends doing a renovation who have decided on soapstone based on seeing this; they can really decide how much they want to maintain it and see that even without oiling, the ss is a beautiful surface.


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elizpiz- that glimps of your sink made me curious about the rest of your kitchen as it looks like you have cabinets similar to what we will have. do you have other pictures of your kitchen up?

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athome - I am waiting on my kitchen stools - should be arriving next week - and then I am taking pix and doing the *big reveal*! Stay tuned...

In the meantime, happy to share any info you may want.


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eliz- i look forward to seeing it! i have too many questions so i will just be patient and wait for you to post the info with your reveal.

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What size is your sink? We have our cabinets installed and are a bit worried our soapstone sink is going to be way too big. The proportions of yours look great and I'm curious as to how wide and deep it is compared to what ours will be. Thanks.

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I have the Ikea farm sink with my soapstone counters. Love both.

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My friends have soapstone counters and an undermount soapstone sink. It was made by Alberene. They love it.

You can see their pictures in the link. Casey

Here is a link that might be useful: The rest of their kitchen

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My sink is 30 inches wide, 18 inches front to back and 10 inches deep. My base cabinet is 33inches by 27 inches deep.

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I have anthracite silgranit with my soapstone and love the way it looks. I don't have a picture handy but I stole the idea from Sweeby, and here's a picture of hers.

Getting a silgranit sink was of the best things I did. Looks good and virtually no upkeep.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I was just going to post that Aunttomichael ;-)

I absolutely adore my Silgranit sink, and love the way it just disappears into the soapstone countertops. My reasoning was pretty simple -- I'm not the kind of housekeeper who maintains a pristine sink. There's usually a plate, glass or a few pieces of silverware in my sink, not to mention some droplets of water or even bits of food. Just the realities of my life. So for that reason, I DID NOT WANT my sink to be the focal point of my kitchen. The Silgranite is so similar to my dark soapstone in color and overall 'feel' that it just fades quietly into the background, hiding my dirty little secrets...

Also, Silgranite is SO EASY to take care of! Even though I rarely wash and wipe my sink, it still looks great. It doesn't show water spots, has nary a scratch or stain, and is soft on dishes. As you may have gathered from the prior paragraph, I'm not a 'sink person' (tile is my drug of choice) -- but this sink - Wow!

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cleo 2007--what are those little thin cabinets on either side of your sink? are they on filler pieces? thanks!

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Yes they are 3 inch spice pullouts.

Make sure that you order all the appropriate fillers if you are using certain pullouts next to a dishwasher. Mine are designed to go between 2 cabinets and there is not a face frame to screw the dishwasher into (by side mounting). I had trouble attaching the side clips because there was nothing to screw into. I should have had a full depth panel between the spice cabinet and the dishwasher space. I had to pull out the dishwasher and wedge blocks of wood in there.

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