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rosie_gaJanuary 30, 2003

Wondering what the rule/law is on printing from a site like this.........If it's a certain age, is it copywrited? Click on artist.....this database is wonderful.

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Wowwwwwwwwwww! You ain't just whistlin' Dixie! That is phenonmenal! Great way to see some artwork I never even knew existed!

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Hey Lia.......I see soooo many copies of Mona Lisa now and also Mich....David and Venus......Aren't they OK to use if the artworks are that old and wonder what the cut-off date is like 100 years ago and beyond.

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Never mind......I have my answer.

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Hey, would you mind letting me in on it? 'Cause I have never been sure. I always assumed that (unless otherwise stated) the person who published the pictures has a copyright.
With that site, I was *really* unsure, since each picture seemed to be meant for printing. They offered a choice of background --black, greyscale or white. But then, I thought I saw something about purchasing prints....?

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Did some research last night........when I was looking for pics of Mona there were a million online. It seems each pic (even though copied fromt the original) has it's own copyright. (if the person has it copyrighted) Still confusing. I guess the only way for one to use an old art work would be to go to the Lourve and take your own pic. Guess one could sketch it and use that. I too saw the purchasing prints on this site but there is not one statement about copyright or "all rights reserved."

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