Has anyone used SW Misty?

brutusesJanuary 25, 2008

Has anyone used SW's Misty? It's a pretty silver/blue. I'd love to see photo's if you have any.

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I just used Benj Moore Silver Mist (1619) in my master bed and bath, and LOVE it! When there is lots of light in the room, it is just the prettiest pale "is that gray or blue?" color. Less light makes it slightly more blue. If you are interested in that color at all, let me know and I can email you pictures.

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I would love to see both of these colors- can't decide on a blue/gray color for the kitchen. I had a very deep blue for years, then on a stupid whim, re-painted recently (gold), and I hate it! Ready to have my blue back! I don't want a pastel/ baby blue-going for the New England feel, which is where I'm from. I am looking at BM Winter Solstice right now; just not sure if it won't be TOO gray! Any pics would be very much appreciated. Thx!

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liz, my room won't be painted for at least 2 weeks, can you wait that long for a photo?

Have you gone on to the SW room painting web page and tried painting a room with Misty? That's how I found it and saw how beautiful it was.

I will be posting photo's so stay tuned.

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If you'll email me (see my profile) I'll email you some pics. I think I love this color more every day if that's possible!!

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Brutuses, I can't wait to see your room painted...but I will! HA! I did go on to SW site to see it, and it looks great to me, but I have had colors look great on there and then look not so good "in person." I am sooo anxious to see this color. I am excited at the prospect of having my blue kitchen back again! I will stay tuned!
Bestyears, thank you too...I just emailed you to take you up on your offer!
Oh, let me ask you guys while I'm on this blue obsession...I have a chair rail in the kitchen. I want to put the blue/gray on top, but a creamy white (???) below...any ideas on which white you think would complement the Misty? My floor is gray/cream with just a little tan mixed in. My cabs are "white white", and my countertops are soon to be a black/granite looking laminate.

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I'm a pure white person, not cream or off whites for my beadboards. I have a difficult enough time picking out the other colors. If I had to go through the process again chosing the right whites/off whites, I'd lose my mind. Sorry, I know I'm not any help. LOL

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Hi Liz,
I emailed you the photos, so if you do not get them, email me again, okay?

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I just looked at your pics...okay, I am sold! It's a beautiful color, and I think it will make me happy! Thanks so much for doing that!
brutuses, still want to see yours too...

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