Looking for a new long-slot 4-slice toaster...Anyone have one?

julie94062February 6, 2010

My toaster (KitchenAid) died and I'm having such a hard time finding a new one. I wanted to find a stainless, but not too many out there with the long slots. Anyone have one that they like?

I just tried a Breville Ikon, which toasted well, but had a bit of a buzzing sound and also had 4-beeps when the toast is done. Not crazing about the beeps.

If I don't find one, I'll go with the white KitchenAid again (doesn't come in stainless), but was hoping to get something that goes better with the new kitchen since it sits on the counter. It IS balanced by the roll of white paper towels also sitting on the counter though, lol.


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I have the Breville and I wonder if there is a way to adjust the volume or turn off the beeps. I don't always hear them -- or maybe my beeper has died and I just haven't missed it.

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LOL, I'll be watching this thread like a hawk. My 4 slice long toaster, a Rowenta, was a wedding gift. We've been married 17 years. It's only a matter of time....and I love that configuration! I've been shopping for the last year and the pickin's are pretty slim.


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I have a ss toaster by Oster, 4 slice, long... Not sure if I got a dud, but it's never been very consistent... drives my husband crazy. I guess that's not much help :)

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I had the 2-slice Breville toaster and it worked perfectly fine, but the dial was hard to read (my toaster sits opposite of a bright, sunny window, making it difficult to see the LED lighted dial unless you were looking at it straight on). Anyway, it toasted great, loved the way it beeped when the toast was done, and the "lift and check" feature. However, it would not fit longer bread, so I always had to cut it in half. I wanted a long slot toaster, and despite the dial, I would have just bought another Breville again (the same model, but a 4-slice version), but my husband didn't want me to buy the same thing again.

Soooo, I just bought a stainless steel 4-slice (2 long slots) toaster from Haier. It's on Amazon.com right now for $59.99. I've only had it a couple of weeks, but so far I like it, and it seems well made. My kids love the toast warmer bars on the top. It lacks some of the features the Breville had, but it still makes great toast, and that's really the whole point, right? ;0)

Here is a link that might be useful: Haier toaster

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I have my eye on this one - Crate and Barrel are one of the few companies that ship to the VI's so I order a lot from them and have always been happy :)


Here is a link that might be useful: Crate and Barrel Toaster

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When we finished our kitchen I bought a 4 slice Viking toaster. It's stainless and does not get even a little warm on the outside when in use, which I love. No bells or beeps, just makes uniform toast at your preferred setting. I also love the ease of cleaning out the crumbs with the slide out tray. I have the one with the black trim, but it is available with colored trim. The only drawback is the price, but I don't consider this item to be one I will part with... at least until I move to the nursing home in a few decades!

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Thanks, all!

lascatx, does your Breville have a buzzing sound? Maybe the one I got was defective. It's pretty noticeable. I think I could live with the beeps, but not the buzzing!

piaa, the one at Crate and Barrel is the one I'm talking about. Maybe I'll stop by and plug it in and see if it buzzes!

lmcal, always helps to know the negatives, too!

tanders, I'll try the Haier. Love Amazon!

suska, is the Vikng a long-slot? Glad you love yours :-)

A toaster seems like such a stupid thing to have to spend all this time on, but I know I'll be stuck with the one I get for a long time (plus it'll be sitting on the counter)!

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Thanks - that would be great to know if they all buzz before I order one - not too easy to return for me (get's quite expensive) :)


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Piaa, I did get to Crate and Barrel today and had them plug in the toaster :-) No buzzing that I could hear! The 4 beeps when it's ready are OK (just unnecessary and a bit annoying IMO). I'm sure you don't notice it after awhile.

(P.S. ...Amazing job you've done with your remodel, & all being shipped...well...I'm in awe!)

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That was so nice of you to do thank you so much :)
Thanks for the kind words re: our remodel - it has been interesting ordering almost all of it sight unseen and all of it arriving in one piece - whew. Hopefully backsplash tile will arrive the same way.......once I figure it out (lol)


ps: did you buy the toaster

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I didn't buy the Breville (but I still might, since the one I tried at C&B didn't buzz). I'm going to try the Haier first (suggested by Tanders). It should be here today from Amazon.

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Please let me know if you like the Haier - some Amazon will ship here.


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Hi Piaa,
I didn't forget to let you know about the Haier...just busy!

It's not as sturdy/substantial as the Breville, but for me that's also a plus since it's a little more low-key. I want the toaster to blend in and not be noticed :-)

That said, I ended up going with the same one I had before, the white Cuisinart. DH and DS voted for that and since I didn't really mind either way, that's what I got. Another plus is not having to clean the stainless steel :-)

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No, mine doesn't buzz. Actually, I did hear it buzz once, but I unplugged it while I wasn't using it, plugged it back in and didn't hear it any more and I hadn't thought about it anymore. Still plugged in too.

There was another thread about 4 slice toasters and this may have gotten brought back up because of that one. I thought it was the same one at first and then noticed my post from earlier today or yesterday wasn't here -- it had a photo.

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