Which Sherwin Williams paint is best for trim work and cabinets?

mitri89January 21, 2010

We need to let our builder know which paint we want to go with for our trim work and kitchen cabinets. We have the color picked, Dover White at Sherwin Williams, but I need to know which finish... satin, semi-gloss, eggshell?

I've read on here a little that it's best to use latex, is that correct? Is there a certain primer we should specify?

Thank you!

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First of all-nice color choice!
Most of the time trim will be painted in Latex Semi Gloss. I would assume that your builder has a painting contractor he uses that should know what primer to use. Is the builder asking you to supply the paint?

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Thanks.:-) I'm sure the painter will probably have a certain primer he uses, but we can request something different too. We don't have to supply the paint but need to let our builder know which colors/finishes we want and where. It will all come through Sherwin Williams where I guess they have an account.

I was thinking I had read something about Sherwin Williams finishes being shinier than others. Like their satin is like others semi-gloss. Is that right?

I tried to use the search feature for this info with no luck.

Thanks for any help.:-)

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Most of the new homes I paint these days get done with a satin finish on the trim. I supposed in certain areas of the country, semi-gloss may be more common. I don't really remember people claiming that SW has shinier products, but certainly one companys semi-gloss may be different from anothers. Latex is preferred these days. For the primer, I would trust that the painter uses a decent one. I've never really heard of a customer requesting a certain one but I suppose you could if you wanted.

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Thanks paintguy, that's helpful info.

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I know when I got my White Dove to paint a bookcase and trim they gave me Pearl finish which is under semigloss. I was not happy. I switched the final coat to semigloss as I like the contrast better, especially when your wall colors are not so different from the trim. Plus, I DO think higher gloss cleans better.

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many painters will tell you that oil based paint is the preference for trim, but they will also admit that oil based yellows faster, unless you use latex Behr which yellows no matter what in their white colors (lol) for some reason. thats all.

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Met with our potential painter and found out he thinks oil is best for cabinets and trim. He uses something from SW that's oil based but fast drying. He did admit that yellowing can happen with oil based but said it was worse with cheap quality paint. He also thinks the Dover White might not be too bad with yellowing, since it's a more creamy white that already has some tint in it. Does that sound about right? I think he will use what we want, even BM or another brand, but are we better off using what he's used to working with?

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Oil will yellow over time, it does not matter what brand, latex paints will not yellow.

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