kilz paint?

newtoremodelingJanuary 31, 2008

Got my new ConsumerReports issue today. Subscription was a Christmas gift and I have always been skeptical of their ratings. They've rated Kilz paint (from Wal-Mart) as the best paint for most applications, low-lustre paint. Valspar came in second. Benjamin Moore Aura third. That was sort of upsetting since I just bought 3 gallons of Aura and was excited to try it. I am wondering if I should take these ratings to heart and if anyone has any experience with Kilz. It's $19 per gallon compared to $55 Aura per gallon! Great savings but only if it's really a better paint. And I don't know what Kilz colors are like. That's important too. Anyway ... just disappointed, I guess. Any input? Thank you.

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Stick with Aura!
(that takes something for ME to say, since we're a C2 retailer...its main competition!)

It's LIGHT-Years ahead of Kilz.

Rolls-Royce vs. Hyundai...same idea. Sure, both get you from A to B, but, come on...!!!!


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OK. Thanks. I have experience with Behr paint and do not like it. I like Behr colors but not the way the paint looks once applied. Can't wait to paint with Aura. I have many more rooms to paint and I just want the best quality since I don't know when I will repaint again. I am still curious about Kilz and maybe will try it in some closet. Thanks again.

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You also get more s.f./gal. from premium paints, and the film that's left behind is literally "tougher". Less odor in Aura too.
I used to be a big fan of C.R., but after a few of their Paints & Stains reviews, I was shaking my head.


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Faron - its not just CR's paint and stain reviews that cause people to shake their heads.

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I painted my entire home with Behr last year. Colors have stayed true, it was easy to use, economical and I am satisfied. Everyone poo poo'd it saying it was no way better than SW or BM. My experience tells me otherwise. Now that BM is ranked over Behr, it will be interesting to see how long it takes BM folks to start quoting that one.

My experience has been that most paints do a decent job if you prepare the surface properly.

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in another room and let us know how it compares to your $55 brand.

Be sure to use a good quality brush and roller in either case.

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Behr... I used satin finish and do not like its look. My in-laws painted their whole house BM eggshell and it's beautiful. Maybe a wrong choice of Behr finish? Anyhow, I'll let you know once I try everything that's out there, lol. What attracted me to Aura is its low odor - we have small children. Thanks Faron, I think you are right about CR:)

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To be fair I only used Behr Low Lustre and Semi Gloss. I was tempted to try Kilz but it was about the same price and its nice to be able to buy something some place other than the big W.

I am not saying there is NOT a difference, I would just love to hear form someone with an open mind who tries both prodcuts and provides an honest assement. The price difference is huge. I guess that is CR aims to do.

I have found CR reports on the money in most cases. Of course they do not factor in things like color selection and such for paints. Also, I do question why they would publish an opinion based on relatively few responses such as they sometimes with HVAC equipment. Still, for the most part I have been happy wth selections based on there recomendations.

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I'll try to be open-minded:) I try to focus on quality rather than brand name. Honestly, sometimes I think Wal-Mart stuff (say clothing) is better than something with a brand name ... but not always. One really must shop around, use things, compare. CR is a good beginning but then one has to explore and decide for oneself. This is why I often turn to GW or Amazon reviews. BTW, I also used STAINMASTER paint on my kitchen ceiling and walls and like it so far. Is very washable. The paint choices are amazing out there and my head is already spinning. Just read about FS paints. Fascinating ... Andrelaplume2, you are right about surface prep. I've learned the hard way:)

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Good Luck!

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Hi Guys!
You got it! Bad (or NO...) Prep can sabotague even a good primer/paintjob. If not immediately...certainly down the road.
Also...I do still like the food, appliance, car, & "machine"-oriented reviews. Those are "fixed objects", and can't really be altered by anything.

PAINTS however, are subject to SO many vagaries of Man & Nature! I really don't pay much attention to these kinds of reviews.

Behr is OK paint in my book. We had it for a few years, until we dropped it because we took on C2. We still do have some tint-bases of it, but they're dwindling. 98% of our C2 users absolutely love it once they've used it. To ME, it's VERY low odor too.

Good point...on a broad series of items!

Back to you WILL be posting your finished pix...won't you?!!?


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I'll post photos when DH and I actually get the rooms painted. We're doing everything ourselves and right now are in the midst of a kitchen remodel. Plus little children. I bought Aura for the kitchen, but then we decided to use a different color (STAINMASTER) and will use Aura in DR and LR. CR is very interesting to read, regardless. I think, like with anything else, different paints work better (or worse) for different people. I just want to find my favorite paint:) Now I take my time with surface prep. Sometimes I think that surface prep takes longer than actually painting. Thanks for your help. This forum is great. I am learning.

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C2.....hey I am not aprofessional...what brand is that?

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Looks like you only have one response about Kilz. I have used it more than once and find that it works fine. Coverage is decent over lighter colors (haven't tried over a dark color). I'm sure Kilz has competitors that are better if you want to spend the money. I don't!

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is kiltz a good primer? have high cielings with nicotine damage can i apply without having to clean? not able to reach thought about just spraying. please help. old not alot of funds

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