I had a dream about mosaic paper

minnie_txJanuary 26, 2003

I had this funny dream about that mosaic paper that you peel off the images and stick on cardstock. Does anyone know where to get it?

The sheet in my dream was about 4 feet square though!

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Now it's my turn to say "que pasa?" :-D
I'm not familiar with mosaic paper, but it sounds like something I want to find out about!

Don't you love it when you dream about arts and crafts?!

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Carol Duvall had on a gal who made mosaic cards using that paper. From what I gather you stamp or put your picture on this paper so that you can peel it off in tiny squares to then affix to a card or whatever. I should do a search on it.

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Loved that show......it was show #CDS 1342.

They used really thin strips of paper as spacers. The finished card was outstanding.

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Thanks for the show number I'll look it up and maybe they'll give the source for the paper. I thought it made making a card so easy with those strips.

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I think this is the one:
Stamped Paper Mosaics
(Boy, it is so much easier to do a google search than doing a search from hgtv!)
I loved the paper she stamped up so much I thought it was a shame to cut it all apart. Did make a very nice project, though, and looked like fun.

BTW, I had a craft dream last p.m.: I dreamed about Suze Weinberg's new Hot Pot for melting UTEE. I had it in my kitchen (LOL!) and in my dream it had a removable pot, but I melted the powder without putting the pot in. LOL! Typical clumsy me; I can't even be graceful in my dreams! :-D

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