Great Idea

rosie_gaJanuary 26, 2003

Ran across this on another forum.......grand idea.

It was from a lady named Leigh......

"Looking for fantastic cheap or free display shelves for your rubber

stamps? Many of you will have an old baby's crib in your attic or

garage. They are also sold cheaply at garages sales, salvation army

stores etc. Look for one with wooden slats for the sides. Remove the

hardware from the entire side piece, turn the side of the crib on

it's end, and viola! Beautiful stamp shelves! The slats make the

perfect depth shelf to display your wood mounted stamps."

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That is a great idea. And if you can see them you're more inclined to use them. And the wood is already finished too. Thanks for sharing.

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that's a brilliant idea!

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Boy, I've been hanging onto my boys' crib and that is a great use for it. I'll bet you could even hang things on it... Now if I only had a craft room to put it in!

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Well, dummy here...I'm not sure I "get" it??? LOL!!! Are you taking the sides off and hanging on a wall?? Guess I'll have to look closer at the next crib I see...I've never had kids...LOL!!! But I've been dying to find a way to get my stamps out of boxes and baskets so I can see what I have...LOL!

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Tiger, I think that's the idea. The slats would normally run vertical, but you would turn it so they're horizontal.
Guidelines were changed on cribs quite a few years ago-- the slats are not supposed to be wide apart enough for a baby's head to fit through, for safety's sake. So you might be able to find a crib at a yard sale that someone kept in the attic and can't sell as a usable crib. Although, I'm sure there are other crafty, furniture-type uses for them, too!

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