Issue with removoing paint - maybe oil under latex, plaster walls

browneyes776January 22, 2013

Hi all,

Long time listener, first time caller.

So, I knew that they previous owners had painted latex paint over oil on the trim. I've been working on removing in using various methods, some more successful that others.

Now, the real issue came in when I accidentally bumped the wall nearby, which I had recently primed. Much to my surprise the paint just peeled off. I know I'm not necessarily doing things in the proper order but I'm a newbie. So, I started scraping the walls. It's going well on one wall. On the adjoining wall the paint is coming off quite easily but has peeled down to the plaster in some places.

I'm really at a loss as to how to proceed. I figure I'll scrape as much as possible. The issue is that the old paint is adhering to the plaster in some places but not in others. With further prodding it comes off down to the plaster easily but in other areas it's really adhering.

Do I need to get it down to plaster on the whole wall? Should I think of skim coating it? If it's part old paint and plaster is there a solution? Any and all advice is welcome.

Thank you!!

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You don't need to get down to plaster and it's pretty normal for things like this for the paint to be stuck in some areas and not in others. I would scrape off what comes off and leave the rest and then sand the area and prime before skimcoating.

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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

What he said^, prime with Gardz

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Thanks for the advice! I've got the room pretty much stripped. I'm still working on the trim which I figure I might as well finish before starting on the walls.

Could you please help me clarify the steps and the products I need? I think I've got several different surfaces going on. I've got 1. some pinky/peachy plaster showing, 2. some paint that's probably an oil base, 3. newly painted and primed drywall, and 4. something that feels kind of tough - a friend called it rough coat *this area has some slick oil paint under it - it's only showing in one spot.

From here I need to:

1. finish the trim
2. sand the paint/rough coat portions
3. remove dust with tack cloth (?)
4. prime - use gardz or something oil based or shellac? *do I need to do anything special to the bare plaster coat showing?
5. skim coat - I got a magic trowel. What product should I use to skim coat with the magic trowel - something that can be diluted but not crack (?)
6. prime - something specific?
7. paint

I think I'm also going to replace the baseboards at this point.

If there's anything else you can think of or if I've not got the order right please let me know! Thank you!

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If anybody is able to comment I'd be most grateful!

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I don't think you need oil based or shellac primer for this. The Gardz should be fine. After you use the Gardz over the bare plaster you can use a general purpose primer if you want something that is white or tintable (Gardz is clear). I would probably use Zinsser 123. I don't know what a magic trowel is or a tack cloth, but I would make sure the dust isn't being painted over or patched over. I use 6-12 inch mud knives for skim coating and I like to use Sheetrock brand Plus 3 because it's easy to sand. Don't dilute it. You can buy boxes of it or gallons and it's already mixed to the consistency that you need for patching.

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