Tons of great tips I thought you'd like...

taunia1January 22, 2003

This is from a message board sent to me by barbie boop. ENJOY!


I've used an adhesive and then brushed on the powdered pearls or pearl ex but never thought of using pigment ink first. Thanks for the tips. Debby


Here is one of my favorite background techniques: Thank goodness the old site is sort of up because they still haven't figured why the new one isn't coming up. Anyway this is so easy, just dab the black glossy with your marvy metallic markers, spritz with water and dab with a paper towel. You can crush a piece of saran wrap too, lay it on the wet mess, let it dry and pull it off and you get a marble affect.

Also, when we were at Dan and Gloria's last month, Gloria was just dabbing her marvy metallics all over a colored piece of glossy and that looked really neat too. Debby


As stated: "Anyway this is so easy, just dab the black glossy with your marvy metallic markers, spritz with water" You can carry this one a bit further....You can make designs with your Marvy metallics on your black kromekote (glossy) paper, then do your spritzing with water, and follow this with Embossing powders, in colors of your choice (using some of your old ones that you don't use much is a good plan), then tap off some of the excess embossing powders (I usually use about 3 colors for a neat effect, one being a gold) then heat it with your heat gun! Makes a great background. Hugs, Gayle


One of my favorite type is using Kaleidacolor with a brayer and it makes such neat backgrounds for scenic and even beach type scenes. Share with us directions if needed. I like to brayer it first and usually use glossy cs then I use a clear ep inkpad and stamp the images I want to use such as trees, mountains, fish or whatever. and enbosswith clear EP. then you take a brayer and black inkpad and roll over the cs and then immediately wipe with a dry cloth and rub it good and you have made a night scene. your ep'd images will stand out. makes really neat postcards. too. Catrina

now how do you get it to look blended using the kaleidacolors? mine always looks "liney" if that is a word.


about the kalidacolor pads..... When you're inking your stamp moved the stamp slightly up and down over the colors so you blend the lines of demarcation..... you will not have lines then and it really doesn't muddy

the stamp if you move it just a wee bit.... hope that is clear...... and I mean up and down into the next color, not in the air - on the pad - in the air.... (I figure someone would make a comment about that.... ) Connie/InkBat


I like doing dtp with pigment inks and then smearing on powdered pigments. I usually stamp over this with several different colored inks. The possibilities are endless with this - lots of room for experimentation! Hope all is well with you all! Take Care  Wendy


My favorite background is direct to paper. You use cat eyes (3 colors) smoosh and twist onto paper and blend the 3 colors making a terrific background. I don't have a sample I can share since I can't put it on. I will try to find a sight for people to go to if they want to see what it is. Patty


I have been doing a lot of direct to paper and ink backgrounds, then stamping in black over the top. Most of the time it is quick and easy but can get as complicated as a person chooses. heather


My favorite background is using either glitter spray or webbing on dark cardstock. I have to thank Debby for this one. I learned it from her when I joined the list. Vicki



My brayer and I are the best stamping team for backgrounds. LOL What Catrina called night background, I call Josephs coat - This is so fun!!!!! I love to put rubber bands around my brayer for a confetti look - using

pastel kalidecolor. Suede paper - liquid applique and the brayer then heat. Feels like suede. (Using brown. If you use white it is like snow (This is really cool) Then you can stamp on the suede paper using permanent ink. Bubble wrap, that rubber shelf liner stuff that comes in different designs, alinimum foil crumbled up then uncrumble ink and put on paper, a bunch of rubber bands banded together and swirled in kalidecolors(Neat effect, the more bands, the neater the look). I cant think of anything else at the moment that hasn't already been said, but for backgrounds, I truely love my brayer. For those who have trouble and think theirs has lines, try picking up your brayer as you are going back and forth on your CS. This will help blend the colors and it also works best if using glossy CS. HTH Rubber Hugs Jennifer


Like Yonnie, sponging paint is one of my favorite quick backgrounds. I use regular craft acrylic paints, but always like to add a metallic or pearlized paint as the last touch to at least two other shades, to get the nicest effect. I prefer to use a sea sponge that I have dampened and then squeezed out in a paper towel. That way the paint is not too wet. Hugs, Gayle


Backgrounds, well I like spongiing paint on white card stock in different manners,also I like chalks on the paper,using cottonballs or sponges... IAnd using my brayer .. Hugs Yonnie


I was playing around tonight and did a really neat background for a swap I am doing using a brush like a stipple brush I dabbed lightly on white cs with radiant pearls not to dark and just dabbed until I had some all over the cs then I covered the cs with clear ep and embossed it it turned out really neat. For my swap. ALeta


I really love my versamark pad!! It's great for that don't know what color to use type of thing! It's really neat to use with a lighter shade also, kinda like 2-step stamping.

The other thing is I LOVE to use wallpaper!!! I went to my local Home Depot and got on their list (yes... they have a list of women who want their old wallpaper books). They'll call you when they have them, or give them a call once a month. Last time, they called and I went up there... they had over 40 wallpaper books!!! My Jeep Cherokee was full to the top!!! Itt took me months to cut it all out and cutt it down to 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 squares for card fronts... but it's done, and that's after giving away about 15 of them!!! They come in tons of colors and textures!!! Wallpaper is great!!Stamping Hugs,Linda


Think I need to dig my wallpaper books from out from under the bed. Never thought of cutting them into 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 squares ahead of time. Most of them I have gone through and tore out pages that would work for envelopes and made them but forget about them for layering. Love my versamark too...Think my favorite way to use it is to stamp with it the brush on powdered pearls or pearl ex, then take a cloth or paper towel

and rub off the excess. BTW...goood to see you posting. Debby


Spray webbing makes a great background too. Debby


I have done a couple with the wheels. Like it, fast and fun. I have done a couple with spray glitter on

matte cs. Also easy and quick. Hope to try some more challenging techinques in future. Later, Barb b

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whewwwww!!! great info, thanks.........will keep this one.

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