Is there a problem with painting with matte finish over eggshell?

sis2twoJanuary 28, 2011

I was told on the home decorating site that there is a problem with using matte over the eggshell. If this is true, my painter nor paint store said anything about it. Supposedly, the matte paint won't adhere good. I had a problem with a burnish area soon after it was painted. I just want to know if this is a problem from an expert in the paint field Thank you.

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No problems at all!

If it was a Satin or higher sheen on the wall now, ideally it would be scuff-sanded b4 new paint goes on.
Then, when wall is thoroughly cleaned, apply you new paint.

Funny you mention a "burnish area" though...a Matte will be even MORE burnish-prone.
What kind of room-use are you painting??

Whenever customers are using Flat or Matte, I always quiz them about the room use!


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Sis, I saw in your other post in home decorating that it had only been a week since you painted when the burnishing occurred. Faron will know more about this than I do, but since latex paint takes around a month to finish "curing" (hardening), it seems likely that it would be more prone to burnishing in that first month. I seem to remember someone else having this problem with moving furniture into a newly painted room, though the paint didn't seem so burnish-prone later on. Still, I tend to think of flat/matte finishes as being for looking pretty in rooms no one touches...not for "real life".

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It's true that any washable paint will be more durable and resistant to burnishing after full cure, but matte paints are really not as durable as advertised. If you want real durability, use an eggshell.

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Thanks for the responses. It was our family room that we painted in the matte finish. We decided to use it because the eggshell was so hard to touch up. Hope we can have the burnished place repainted.

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