Should in-cabinet and undercabinet lighting match?

wi-sailorgirlFebruary 20, 2013

We'll be doing LED UCLs as well as LED in-cabinet lighting. We're still determining color temperature, etc. (leaning heavily towards a cooler but not super cool white, about 3,500-4000K). What I'm wondering is whether the temperature of the lights in both areas (in and under cabinets) should match. Or whether a warmer color would look better in cabinets? (I don't care for how the warm white leds work with our backsplash and counter).

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I don't know the answer but we did the same (3000K) for the UCL and the in cabinet lighting. I think warmer does look good in the cabinets but I thought seeing 2 different temps of light might bother me so I kept it the same : )

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There is no right answer. If you think it looks good then go for it.

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Thanks, Fishies!

I understand there is no "right" answer (heck, I'm one to advise ignoring all the rules about clearances etc. if that's what someone wants in their own kitchen). Perhaps I should have asked what other people did and what they thought about it. Obviously I can't test a full lighting plan before it is installed so I won't know what looks good and what doesn't until it's all done.

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I think it would bother me if I could see that the lighting was significantly different. Can you see how different the colors are at a lighting store or test a couple of bulbs? Your personal sensitivity to light colors may vary as well as factors such as cabinet finish, splash, and other surfaces that will reflect the light.

I don't remember the temp of my cabinet lighting, but the recessed LEDs are 3500K and they read well with the white, cherry, dark wood and the colors in my kitchen,

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