Mystery Picture

HerbFebruary 17, 2004

This picture is what is known as a woodblock print. A great many come from Japan.

This one shows Mt Fuji in the background - but what mystifies me is what the people in the picture are doing. And what is the purpose of the ramp?

My best guess is that it perhaps illustrates some sort of manufacturing process.

Can anybody explain it?

Image link:

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I was justing browsing thru this site and was intrigued by the mystery picture so I searched on the internet and I found a site that has the original woodblock print for your picture.

It also kinda describes the picture so here's the website that you could go to :

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SG -

Thanks for the link - that certainly explains it.

It must have taken many hours, maybe days, of hard work - as well as a lot of skill to keep the cuts straight.

And now, with powered equipment, we can do the same thing in a matter of a few minutes......


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