Bulk peanut butter

mabeldingeldine_gwOctober 16, 2012

My DH loves peanut butter and we go through a lot of it -- we use Teddie all-natural (made in MA), fortunately not recalled recently, but it is pricy.

Does anyone here have a source for bulk orders of natural peanut butter? Ages ago when I worked at Girl Scout camp we'd have #10 cans of USDA peanut butter in the kitchen -- it was all-natural no added sugar, and I loved it. I would love to find something similar for a good price. Last night the Teddie peanut butter I purchased was $3.99 for a 16 oz. jar.

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I don't know where you live, but when we lived in MA we used to get Teddie's from Market Basket. They had it on sale periodically for under $2 a jar. DH still mourns not being able to get Teddies - they boast that they've never been recalled - here in the Southwest.

Sorry I can't help with your question about bulk peanut butter. Whole Foods sells it but it's a bit pricey. I get big jars of Skippy from Costco for about $2 a pound but I think it has transfats, maybe sugar too. I use it for suet cakes for the birds.


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Here's something different for you to consider. We also like peanut butter but don't like storing the jars nor the usual added ingredients. We also keep a food storage program and space is a consideration. So...

We use dehydrated peanut butter! The only ingredient is peanuts ground into flour. You add the water to whatever consistency you desire. It has suggested recommendations to get you started. If using for baking - there's no need to even reconstitute, just add it dry to whatever you're baking & increase your recipe liquids a bit. Great product & economical.

Click on the "Nutritional Info" link to see nutritional value, how to use, and see the list of ingredients (one only - PEANUTS).


Here is a link that might be useful: Peanut Butter

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$3.99 might not be such a bad price. 1# jar is $4.49 on Teddie's website.

Alternatively, you might consider making your own if you can find peanuts for a good price.

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YEP, buy peanuts in bulk and make your own nut butter in a food processor, as well as other nut butters (see link below).

BTW - we love powdered peanut butter. I've been mixing powdered peanut butter, 100% Cacao Hershey's Cocoa, sweetener-of-choice (I also add a tiny bit of coconut oil, but that's optional) + water for something different to spread on homemade graham crackers. I just keep telling myself how good 100% Cacao is for me (LOL)!


Here is a link that might be useful: Nut Butter Primer

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When I was a kid/teen,Dad would go to a place in Conshohocken, PA (probably not spelled correctly??)... to buy nuts in bulk for holidays. Good prices for in-shell nuts or shelled... LOVED halves of English walnuts. They sold their own home-made peanut butter.

Dad's brother was... a bit eccentric?!? He'd buy something they sold as "squirrel food". BIG tubs (maybe 5 lbs each) of what was left after making the PB. Never ate it but was told by cousins... it had "texture"... "seeds & stems" that got strained outta of the good stuff?!? Nothing that wasn't edible... if ya like chewing on bits of sticks??

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Why don't you just buy a case of jars of all natural peanut butter?

Look at WebRestaurant.com or Buy.com, Nuts in Bulk or the other sources in the link below:

Here is a link that might be useful: Bulk All Natural Peanut Butter

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Here we also have some farmer's markets that sell freshly ground peanut butter, they grind it while you wait, that might be an option.


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I tried making peanut butter once with a gift bag of Valencia peanuts, but DH did not care for the skins in the PB. I will look around for skinless peanuts and try again. I am a little afraid of making something TOO delicious-- I love almond butter and find it hard to resist! Nonetheless I'll check out the link on nut butters.

The powdered peanut butter idea is interesting, I might have to try that, too.

Annie we have a great farmer's market nearby, but no peanut butter grinders yet. Love the market, though. It is held inside in an old mill all winter and it is like a party every Saturday morning.

TeresaNC I will check out those links, thanks!

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triciae - how does the reconstituted peanut powder compare with commercial peanut butter? According to the link you gave, the powder is "partially defatted peanut", so some of the peanut oil is lost. I would guess that the reconstituted peanut butter is less rich unless you add the oil.

The rehydrating instructions are to add 2 tsp water to 2 Tbs powder, with a "drop of vegetable oil" if desired. How much peanut butter does this make - 2 Tbs or more? I'm trying to convert the powder to paste to compare costs.


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I'm not tricia, but will help you out with an answer.

Two tablespoons of powdered peanut butter reconstitutes into 2 T. of peanut butter. A #10 can (44-ounces) = approximately 89 two-tablespoon servings. If you are interested in purchasing it in #10 cans, Emergency Essentials (beprepared.com) has it discounted several times a year and they also give a discount for purchasing multiple cans. A 44-oz. cans (89 - 2 T. servings) costs 38-cents per oz. Emergency Essentials also has a smaller, 12-oz., container. A nice size to give it a try.

You might want to look for a powdered peanut butter product called PB2 to give it a try in a smaller amount (6.5 oz. jar). Check Amazon.com or Netrition.com, they often have PB2 discounted from these sources. Look at the comments for PB2 at Amazon.com for more information.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bell Plantation - PB2

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grainlady - thank you for your helpful reply. The comments in amazon were very informative.


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