Glazing Kitchen Cabinets

cherilswansonJanuary 29, 2011

I am thinking about glazing over my painted green kitchen cabinets. They are sort of a medium sage green color, not too light and not really dark. Does anyone know what color glaze I should use? Also, once they are glazed do I need to apply lacquer?

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I''m not sure I would "Glaze" them...
It seems to be kinda waning in popularity. I know it's just ME, but I can't stand the look. I've heard some Decorators talk that glazing kinda "narrows the appeal" of cabinets.

Lacquer or other topcoats....NO.
Doing that CORRECTLY is more work than re-painting!
Lacquers also stink to high heaven....

Overall, I wouldn't do it.
Stick to a good quality re-paint scheme.


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