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kisd81December 28, 2013

My husband inherited his grandparents house back in August. It is about 100 years old. It started out as a four room house, and his grandfather expanded it when his mother was 3. We are a family of 6, so there has had to be extensive adding and remodeling. We are trying to stick to the style of the age of the house (that was confusing).

In the kitchen we are having bottom cabinets only (mainly). The cabinets are a greenish blue (light). My conundrum is this.....what type of sink!!! I know I want a farm sink. Probably two bowls. (I dont have a space for a seperate prep sink).

As I said I have four very young kids and do not need something that requires a great deal of up keep or that is delicate. I would LOVE a copper sink I think. Do you think that would look good with the color of the cabinets? If you have one or have had one what are your thoughts?

Thank you so much for your help!

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I've had a copper kitchen sink. It was beautiful BUT had to be babied somewhat. Mine had an aged finish which you could only clean with soap and water or it would come off. Then you either had to repair the finish (not easy to do evenly) or wait for it to re-darken. In retrospect, I would not use copper again for the primary kitchen sink, although it would be fine for a secondary one.

What about white porcelain?

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I just did an undermount stainless steel sink in my old 1930s house. I'd always dreamed of having a farmsink, but I got a great deal on a KWC sink....and after thinking it through, I wanted a more formal look, not so country. I have no regrets.

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What is KWC kompy? Kohler something?

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KWC is a supplier of kitchen faucets and sinks. Just
google KWC faucets and you will find their products.

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I think they're made in Switzerland.

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